Fengshui forecast for 2016

Figurines to mark the lunar year of the monkey are displayed over a street in Singapore, on January 4, 2016. (AFP photo)

Clarice Chan, fengshui master and author of Your Fengshui in 2016, shares her zodiac forecast for the Year of the Monkey, as well as the lucky colours for each zodiac sign.


Career & Wealth: Changes are indicated in your professional life; this is neither good nor bad but just a part of your journey this year. Money energy will also fluctuate, so you are advised to keep a conscious tab of your finances.

Love: Your relationships will go through some stressful moments this year. Try to be more understanding, especially if you are often away from home. While there will be opportunities for singles to find romance, it will be wise to take things slow to develop your budding relationship.

Health: If you lead a hectic lifestyle, it is important to take good care of your personal well-being. Pushing yourself too hard at work will have a negative impact on your health, as you are susceptible to coughs, colds and skin problems.

Lucky Colours: Green, beige


Career & Wealth: The self-employed are likely to enjoy a busy and rewarding work year. Those who are in employment may face a heavier workload; happily, career advancement is also indicated. An increase in salary or income as well as financial gains from other areas are as likely. However, it is still advisable to be frugal and avoid overspending.

Love: Socially, this will be an exciting and eventful year for those who are looking to find new partners. If you are involved in a close relationship, this may be the year for marriage. Those who are married will enjoy a happy marital life this year.

Health: Overall, this is a very positive year for most Roosters. It is still advisable to pay more attention to your health as you are prone to stress and exhaustion, especially if you have a weak digestive system.

Lucky Colours: Lilac, black


Career & Wealth: Professionally, this can be a challenging year. Those who are running your own business will have to moderate their expectations in relation to business growth and expansion. At the same time, career changes are considered to be favourable this year.

Love: Singles who are seeking love and romance will have to be more patient and try to join more activities to meet new people. If you are married or in a long term relationship, try to spend more quality time with your partner.

Health: Taking care of your well-being should be your top priority as you will need plenty of energy to run through the course of this year. Short getaways and quiet time are important.

Lucky Colours: Black, gold


Career & Wealth: Professionally, this will be a busy year and it is important that you maintain good relationships with your clients and colleagues. It’s a good year for those who are seeking employment, career changes or overseas assignments. Do keep a tighter hold on your finances and avoid being tempted by risky investments.

Love: This could be a socially exciting year. Singles are likely to find love and romance. For those who are attached, it is important to be more understanding towards your partner’s emotional needs.

Health: You are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle and spend more time with your loved ones. This is especially important for those who are complacent and do not find it important to take part in active and social activities.

Lucky Colours: Purple, pink


Career & Wealth: In your professional life, new roles and responsibilities will keep you busy. Job seekers as well as those who are looking for career change are likely to find good opportunities. Your wealth energy this year will be positive; look forward to better income as well as other financial gains.

Love & Marriage: This will be a socially active year for Rats who are single and are looking to make new friends or find romance. Others who are in a steady relationship can look forward to an enjoyable and harmonious year. Engagements or marriage are also indicated for those that are already in a relationship.

Health: Those who are very active and have the tendency to overwork are advised to pay extra attention to their health. Personal safety must be taken seriously when traveling and driving.

Lucky Colours: Green, orange


Career & Wealth: While your wealth energy is on the slow side this year, you will experience fewer and less dramatic fluctuations than in the previous year. The self-employed should be more disciplined and cautious. On the plus side, job seekers will find it easier to get the job they desire.

Love & Marriage: Relationships with friends and loved ones will be mostly harmonious. If you’re single, be more outgoing so that you will find a romantic partner this year.

Health: Be aware that external conflicts will upset your inner peace, therefore it is best to stay removed from people who are quick tempered. Travels and group activities will be beneficial to your emotional well-being this year.

Lucky Colours: Red, yellow


Career & Wealth: Be aware that being impulsive this year could cost you dearly financially, as your wealth energy will fluctuate. You may feel restless at work, especially in the months of February and May, so look for opportunities to switch jobs. Those whose jobs are in sales will have to work harder in this year to achieve their targets and goals. .

Health: Multiple travelling opportunities are likely this year. For your personal safety, be more patient on the road especially when driving in foreign countries. General health will be stable for Tigers but those with a weak immune system and pre-existing health conditions must take very good care of themselves.

Lucky Colours: Orange, blue


Career & Wealth: Business will be productive, thanks to new partnerships and joint ventures. On the other hand, be aware that investments may not give you the yield that you desire, therefore it is best to refrain from taking major risks.

Love: This is a relationship-friendly year for the Rabbit sign. Singles should make more effort to be part of the social scene and to meet new people. Many Rabbits will also consider marriage this year.

Health: During this busy year, do take very good care of your well-being as issues with fatigue and problems related to the digestive system are indicated. Women and the more senior Rabbits should follow up with routine check ups.

Lucky Colours: Gold, brown


Career & Wealth: Work and business for the Dragons will have high and low moments. Choose to work independently while assisting your co-workers when they need your help. While work and business may be challenging, the upside is that this is likely to be good financial year for the Dragons.

Love: Socially, this is an active and exciting year of celebrations, parties and travel for the Dragon zodiac. This is especially good for those who wish to make new friends. Love encounters however, can be tricky; it is best to avoid jumping into a relationship too quickly.

Health: Be aware that the energy of this Monkey year can be erratic for the Dragon sign. So activities like reckless driving and high-risk sports are to be discouraged.

Lucky Colours: Red, beige


Career & Wealth: If you are looking for career advancement, do keep up with trade knowledge and think about upgrading your skills. Financially, this is a positive year; higher incomes, commissions and bonuses are likely. However, your expenditure will also be likely to increase significantly as Snakes generally love the finer things in life.

Love: Your social life will be more active than in the previous year, especially for those who are still single. Those who are attached will need to be more mindful and sensitive to the feelings of their loved ones.

Health: You may be more prone to fatigue and issues related to the blood and heart. As this is a hectic year, you are cautioned not to take personal safety for granted, especially if you are very active in sports, frequent travellers and drivers.

Lucky & Colours: Black, lavender


Career & Wealth: Career planning is very important this year as obstacles are indicated on the work front. This can still be a positive financial year for many Horses, as increase of salary, better commission and profits are possible; you may wish to start a new business or partnership.

Love: Your relationships may be tumultuous this year and it is best to adjust your expectations of your loved ones. For singles, new relationships will need more time to form and develop so be patient and stay socially active.

Health: It is important to have a good work life balance, else you will become prone to exhaustion. Parents must pay more attention to the well-being of the young children of the Horse zodiac throughout this year.

Lucky Colours: White, green


Career & Wealth: Those in search of a better position in their career will find opportunities. Although money energy will be enhanced this year, Goats who are looking into investments should continue to be vigilant and watch out for sudden economic downturns.

Love: This is a relationship-friendly and socially vibrant year for the Goat zodiac. Singles who wish to meet new friends or find romance will not be disappointed. If you have been thinking about making a serious romantic commitment, this will be a good year for an engagement or wedding.

Health: You are advised to take very good care of your well-being especially if you have issues related to the stomach, liver and the intestines. To avoid being burnt out from work and prone to mood swings, you must keep up with exercise and make time to relax and unwind.

Lucky Colours: Blue, orange


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