Ferocious Tiger Isn't Into Sharing, Attacks Other Tiger Eating His Prey

A huge male tiger left his kill and got angry when he returned to find a tigress snacking on it, a new online video shows. (Watch the clip below.)

The footage, taken at India’s Ranthambore National Park and posted by the website Latest Sightings, opens with the male sinking his teeth into a sambar deer. But safari planner Vijay Kumawat, who shared the clip with Latest Sightings, said the big cat got spooked by the roar of a motorcycle and left the area.

The smaller tigress emerged to begin eating the deer and dragging it away. But the massive male then came back to reclaim his meal.

The two growled, clawed and lunged at each other with one tense intermission before the female appeared to submit. The male finally ambled over to the deer and dragged it into the brush as the tigress watched.

Male tigers claim larger territories than tigresses, and can outweigh them by hundreds of pounds.

It wasn’t a fair fight.

Tigers can eat up to 90 pounds in a sitting. This particular cat seemed intent on getting his fill without interruption.