Ferrari driver in horrific Bugis crash cremated

Relatives and friends of deceased Ferrari driver Ma Chi, who was involved in a three-vehicle pile-up on Saturday, gathered for his cremation at Mandai Crematorium on Monday afternoon.

About 18 people, including Ma’s younger brother, attended the cremation. Visibly absent were Ma’s pregnant wife as well as his mother, although both were at Ma’s wake at Mount Vernon earlier in the afternoon.

According to Chinese customs, an elderly person should not show respect to someone younger and, similarly, it is considered bad luck for Ma’s pregnant wife to attend his cremation.

Ma, a financial advisor from Sichuan, was behind the wheel of a red Ferrari on early Saturday morning when it slammed against a taxi, which subsequently cut into the lane of a passing motorcycle at the intersection of Rochor Road and Victoria Street in Bugis.

The three-vehicle accident killed two others -- taxi driver Cheng Teck Hock and his passenger, believed to be a 20-something Japanese woman.

A young woman reportedly from China was with Ma in the Ferrari during the crash and she suffered head injuries and fractured her right leg.

According to AsiaOne, Ting Ting, 28, Ma’s wife, was surprised when reporters asked her about the identity of the female passenger.

Motorcyclist Muhammad Najib Ghazali escaped with a spine injury, dislocated right arm and a rib fracture.

Friends of Ma reportedly flew in from China on Monday morning just to attend the cremation, which lasted less than an hour.

Most of them appeared well-heeled and sported branded bags and stylish clothes. Ma’s bespectacled and small-built brother who looked to be in his 20s was seen with an unshaven face and shoulder-length hair.

When contacted by Yahoo! Singapore, the undertaker in charge of Ma’s funeral processions was not sure whether the family’s planned to have Ma’s ashes sent back to China. He added that the family is still mourning and has not made a decision yet.

Ma’s relatives and friends refused to speak to the media.

According to The Sunday Times, Ma had relocated to Singapore with his wife and child four years ago and was said to be applying for permanent residency in the city-state.

It is not known whether his family will continue staying in Singapore.