FIFA 23 Pre-Season guide serves up fresh treats for FC 24

 FIFA 23

FIFA 23 Pre-Season is all about bringing you goodies for the series' upcoming sequel – but there are 'best of' treats being dropped into packs too. Complete objectives and SBCs in FIFA 23 across September and you score cards and packs for EA Sports FC 24, which is released at the end of the month. There’s also a tasty free pack to be claimed next time you log into FIFA 23. Below we outline all the campaign’s full details, in GR’s FIFA 23 Pre-Season guide.

What is FIFA 23 Pre-Season?


FIFA 23 Pre-Season is a now-annual campaign which says goodbye to the current instalment in the series, and begins preparing you up for its successor. It’s especially noteworthy this year as there is no FIFA 24. Instead, EA is relaunching its football sims with EA Sports FC 24. That means your chance to earn gold packs and coin boosts for the upcoming season, by completing challenges in the current game.

How do I use FIFA 23 Pre-Season to earn rewards in FC 24?


Objectives and SBCs are promised throughout the campaign. One of the Week 1 objective sets is called ‘Join The Club’. It enables you to earn three rare gold players in FC 24, from each of the big five leagues. To do so, you need to win four matches in Squad Battles or Rivals with a team containing seven players from that league. In case you’re not sure of the big five, we’re talking the following:

  • Premier League

  • La Liga

  • Serie A

  • Bundesliga

  • Ligue 1

Another pack you can score for FC 24 in Week 1 is the New Era pack. This will contain two rare gold players, an FC 24 Heroes card on a five-game loan, and a coin boost. To unlock it, you simply need to complete the New Era SBC (Squad Building Challenge) three times.

Need to make fast moolah to complete SBCs? Then you need our comprehensive FIFA 23 coins guide.

What about FIFA 23 Pre-Season player cards?


Nope. Instead of specific FIFA 23 Pre-Season cards, EA is picking up where FIFA 23 Futties left off by dropping some of this year’s most exciting items back into packs.

There’s a 99-rated Cristiano Ronaldo (ST, Al Nassr) in there, alongside 97-OVR versions of Kylian Mbappe (ST, Paris SG) and Robert Lewandowski (ST, Barcelona) – and a couple of very tempting FIFA 23 Icons too. You can see the some of the highlights in the cards list at the foot of this guide.

When will I receive my FIFA 23 Pre-Season rewards?

EA Sports FC 24
EA Sports FC 24

FIFA 23 Pre Season awards should drop into FC 24 as soon as you start playing, although EA is playing it safe. It says that they’ll all be with you by Thursday, October 12. If you’re not planning to purchase the game at launch, note that the cut off point for singing into FC 24 to claim your goodies is Sunday, November 12.

All FIFA 23 Pre-Season rewards are untradable, and locked to your current platform. So if you earn them on PS5, you can’t then claim them on Xbox Series X.

Do I get any FIFA 23 Pre-Season freebies?


Yep! Next time you log in you’ll receive a free 85x 10 pack to be redeemed in this year’s game. As a flavour of what you might get, here’s what was contained within mine. Two FIFA 23 TOTS cards, and one FIFA 23 Trophy Titans item, made for quite the spectacular haul…

  • Goncalo Ramos (ST, Benfica) - 91 (TOTS)

  • Remy Cabella (CAM, Lille) - 91 (TOTS)

  • Javi Galan (LB, Celta Viga) - 92 (TOTS Moments)

  • Joe Cole (CAM, England) - 90 (Trophy Titans Hero)

  • Mike Maignan (GK, AC Milan) - 87

  • Milan Skriniar (CB, Inter) - 86

  • Edouard Mendy (GK, Chelsea) - 86

  • Iago Aspas (ST, Celta Vigo) - 85

  • Diogo Jota (CF, Liverpool) - 85

  • Paul Pogba (CM, Juventus) - 85

Is there a full FIFA 23 Pre-Season cards list?


Alas not. As stated above, there’s are no specific FIFA 23 Pre-Season items.

However, we can steer you through some highlights of the Pre-Season re-releases list. These are a selection of the elite players dropped back into packs on Friday, September 1, for one week only.

  • Cristiano Ronaldo (ST, Al Nassr) - 99 [Futties Premium]

  • Robert Lewandowski (ST, Barcelona) - 97 (TOTS)

  • Kylian Mbappe (ST, Paris SG) - 97 (TOTS)

  • Angel Di Maria (RW Benfica) - 97 (Futties Premium)

  • Jude Bellingham (CM, Dortmund) - 97 (TOTS)

  • Yaya Toure (CM, Ivory Coast) - 97 (Futties Hero)

  • Julian Alvarez (ST, Manchester City) - 97 (Futties)

  • Saeed Al-Owairan (RW, Futties Hero) - 97 (Futties Hero)

  • Joe Gomez (CB, Liverpool) - 96 (Futties)

  • Ronaldinho (CAM, Brazil) - 95 (TOTY Icon)

  • Ruud Gullit (CF, Netherlands) - 94 (TOTY Icon)

Next up are some of the FIFA 23 Pre-Season Best Of 2 highlights, available in packs from Friday, September 8 to Friday, September 15.

  • Kylian Mbappe (ST, Paris SG) - 99 [Futties]

  • Robert Lewandowski (ST, Barcelona) - 99 [Futties Premium]

  • Lionel Messi (ST, Paris SG) - 98 [TOTS]

  • Marcus Rashford (LW, Manchester United) - 98 [Futties]

  • Mane Garrincha (RW, Brazil ) - 98 [FUT Icons]

  • Paulo Dybala (CF, Roma) - 98 [Futties Premium]

  • David Ginola (LM, France) - 97 [Futties Hero]

  • Zinedine Zidane (CAM, France) - 97 [Trophy Titans Icon]

  • Alessandro Florenzi (CM, Milan) - 97 [Futties Premium]

  • David Alaba (CB, Real Madrid) - 97 [Futties]

  • Ousmane Dembele (CAM, Barcelona) - 97 [Shapeshifters]