Finally, You Can Dunk On Madame Web From The Comfort Of Home

Screenshot: Sony Pictures
Screenshot: Sony Pictures

Just a little over one month since we were celebrating the Valentine’s Day of Madame Web, Sony’s latest, occasionally greatest, often just most bizarre Spider-Man spinoff is connecting its web to a digital home release. You know, in case you just couldn’t bring yourself to watch outside of the comfort of your own home.

Sony has announced today that Madame Web’s magnanimously brief theatrical stint will now fizzle out even more than it already did in time for the Dakota Johnson-led Marvel movie to head home digitally starting today. The digital release will also come with an array of behind the scenes featurettes, including a gag reel, a deleted scene, and insight from the cast and crew.

Although it might be more likely when the film starts streaming rather than now, perhaps this home release will be a chance for the critical re-appraisal Madame Web has been waiting for—the Madame Webbaissance, if you will—if only if more than roughly five people saw it after its scathing reviews. Perhaps people will see the camp delight in Dakota Johnson’s Cassie Webb flatly discussing the facts around death in childbirth to a crowd of women at a baby shower, or in just how much fun she also has driving stolen cars around and into things and other people! Or perhaps you too will think that a movie set in 2003, with some very 2003 superheroic sensibilities, probably should’ve stayed in 2003—or at least, in a hypothetical one.

There are many futures for Madame Web, fittingly for a woman whose web truly connects them all. Now, you will be able to take one of them into your own hands at home.

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