"Fiona Xie will see ghosts"

"Fiona Xie will see ghosts"

27 Jul – "Luck" and "fengshui"are very important in the entertainment industry, as reported by AsiaOne, according to Daily Chilli website.

Before each movie or drama commences filming, actors and crew would make offerings and pray for good luck. This is due to the belief that ghosts love entertainment and often hang around to watch during film shoots.

This may be why actors often cite ghostly encounters during shoots, especially when filming ghost movies!

Well-known fengshui master Chen Jun Rong a.k.a. Master Tan Khoon Yong, has reportedly done some calculations on the luck of Singaporean stars based on their Eight Characters - derived from one's time of birth.

The calculations show which actresses are most likely to encounter ghosts during the coming Seventh Month.

According to Master Chen, Singaporean actresses Zoe Tay and Fann Wong are the "hardiest" and most impervious to bad luck and the one actress who stands out at 65% likely to meet bad luck and encounter spirits is Fiona Xie Wan Yu.