First Airline Compliant With Sharia Law Launched


The first airline ever to be compliant with Sharia Law has been unveiled in Malaysia.

Rayani Airlines, a new low-cost airline, says it strictly follows Sharia rules ‘based on guidelines by relevant authorities.’

Speaking at the launch of the airline’s maiden flight, managing director Jaafar Zamhari said that hijabs would be mandatory for female cabin crew, while non-Muslims are required to wear a ‘decent uniform.’

Prayers will also be said before the beginning of each flight, while alcohol is strictly forbidden - and any food served will be Halal.

The airliner will offer domestic flights initially, but hopes to branch out internationally over the next year.

The launch comes shortly after plans for a UK-based Sharia airline were announced earlier this year.

Firnas Airways, founded by Bangladeshi businessman Kazi Shafiqur Rahman, aims to combine a ‘Sharia-compliant approach to funding, alcohol and food with a more upscale cabin product than available to many Islamic destinations.’

Although a full Sharia airline hasn’t been launched before, airlines such as Etihad are known to show consideration for the Islamic faith by having a travel prayer before take off - while Emirates Airlines does not serve pork products on its flights.