First ‘House of the Dragon’ Reactions Say Season 2 Is at ‘War With Itself’ but ‘Much Tighter and Character-Focused’

The reviews are in, and fans, critics and more say “House of the Dragon” Season 2 is “much tighter and character-focused” than its pilot season, but appears to be “at war with itself” structurally.

“I’ve seen the first two episodes of #HouseOfTheDragon Season 2. With all the (necessary) set up of Season 1 out of the way, this season already feels so much tighter & character focused due to the war’s influence over Team Black & Team Green,” Next Best Picture owner and editor Matt Neglia said of the series. “The dramatic tension feels more intense than ever as their strategic attacks against one another creates devastating personal & political consequences. It’s going to be a dark, physical & psychologically violent season. So, naturally, I couldn’t be any happier to be back in the world of Westeros.”

With an 88% rating from Rotten Tomatoes, “House of the Dragon” already has the media stirred up and ready to weigh in on the highly-anticipated “Game of Thrones” spinoff prequel, many of whom have already gotten their eyes on the first few episodes for review purposes.

Ebert Voices critic and writer Kaiya Shunyata celebrated the beginning of show, but felt it lost a bit of its steam as it progressed.

“Season 2 of ‘House of the Dragon’ starts off strong, but it quickly becomes clear that his series is at war with itself. The first four episodes left me frustrated and wanting more from this story and for these characters,” Shunyata wrote.

But reactions wouldn’t be reactions if you didn’t include the general public’s excitement for the series.

“‘House of the Dragon’ coming out soon, like we really won,” an X user named Zion wrote.

Others are already choosing the character they’re rooting against until the second season drops.

As fans await Season 2 of “House of the Dragon,” which airs on Sunday, June 16, get into what critics, journalist and devout fans have to say. Check out all the reactions below.

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