First ‘Venom: The Last Dance’ Trailer Hints at a Break-Up Between Tom Hardy and His Symbiote

The end may be near for Eddie Brock and Venom’s relationship, as the first trailer for “Venom: The Last Dance” reveals the new threat facing the duo — Venom’s home planet.

As the footage starts, though, Eddie (Tom Hardy) and Venom seem to be stronger than ever, infiltrating a warehouse full of bad guys who are keeping dogs in cages (note: Hardy, an avid dog lover, co-wrote the story for this film). Together, they free the animals, bite off the heads of the bad guys, and admittedly, struggle to get their ominous “We are Venom” tagline out in unison. Venom’s just really excited, OK?

From there, we see scenes of scientists and army personnel on base — including Chiwetel Ejiofor — with one warning that “We always knew it was impossible that we were alone in the universe.” And yes, it appears “Venom: The Last Dance” will pick up a thread in the MCU left behind by “Spider-Man: No Way Home.”

A quick glimpse shows Ejiofor’s character at a bar, capturing a piece of Venom under a glass. That piece was left behind by Eddie in the post-credits scene of “No Way Home,” where he’s actually in the MCU, being told all about Thanos. When Doctor Strange’s spell sends him back to his own universe, that little bit is left behind.

It’s a bit ironic having Ejiofor’s character capture the piece of the symbiote, considering the actor already exists in this particular universe — he played Karl Mordo in the “Doctor Strange” films. Its unclear whether this will be just a passing stop in the MCU though, so who knows if he’ll cross paths with his doppleganger.

Back in Eddie’s own universe though, there are quite a few symbiotes on the loose now, with Venom informing him that “my home has found us.” He later tells Eddie “the time has come,” seemingly saying that the two need to split up to keep Eddie and the human world safe.

You can watch the full trailer for the threequel in the video above.

In addition to Hardy and Ejiofor, “Venom: The Last Dance” stars Juno Temple, Rhys Ifans, Peggy Lu, Alanna Ubach and Stephen Graham. Kelly Marcel directs from her own screenplay. She and Hardy co-wrote the story.

Hardy and Marcel also produced the film alongside Avi Arad, Matt Tolmach, Amy Pascal and Hutch Parker.

“Venom: The Last Dance” hits theaters on October 25.

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