Five maids for five kids — actress Zizie Izette says she wasn’t ‘showing off’

Melanie Chalil
Actress Datin Seri Zizie Izette Abdul Samad said she wanted to share her life with her followers and had no intentions of showing off. – Instagram/Zizie Izette

PETALING JAYA, July 19 — Some busy mums with limited resources will just have to make it work.

But for Datin Seri Zizie Izette Abdul Samad, the actress epitomised the phrase you can have it all when she posted several photos of her five maids for her five children.

While some of her 933,000 followers on Instagram complimented the 40-year-old mum on her beautiful family and the generous headcount of domestic helpers, others were quick to label her a show-off to which the actress refuted.

“I’m not showing off or being arrogant but I wanted to share my life with my followers,” Zizie told Harian Metro.



Zizie said her intention was just to share and she has been uploading similar pictures for a long time.

The Hero Seorang Cinderella actress married to Kinabatangan Member of Parliament Datuk Seri Bung Mokhtar Radin, 59 in 2009 and the couple share three biological children and two adopted children.

Zizie is also the elder sister of film star Shaheizy Sam.

“I don’t think there’s an issue here because my Instagram followers and fans know about my life. When I read their comments, I found many to be supportive.

“There are some who hope to be blessed like me someday.

“I’ve never skipped a prayer and hope they will be blessed by Allah,” she said.

Zizie said she prefers to upload images on Instagram rather than storing them in her phone out of fear of losing the precious memories in case the device is damaged.

The actress, however, did not disclose when her domestic helpers were hired nor how much they were paid.

She said the five maids were employed to care for her five children and her family.

In May, the actress and her husband were charged for corruption involving RM2.8 million to obtain approval for Felcra Berhad to invest RM150 million in Public Mutual Berhad Unit Trust. 

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