Flash Vision lets you learn about esports tournaments while playing in one in Malaysia

An esports event in Berjaya Times Square Malaysia, with a stage and large screen for hundreds of audiences.
Flash Vision organises major esports events for the whole of Malaysia. (Photo: Flash Vision)

The esports scene in Malaysia has been actively growing for the past few years.

Government initiatives like the Malaysian Esports Federation have been established to help elevate the esports scene in the country, in hopes to normalise esports and gaming as a viable career path for the upcoming generation of students.

So, it should come then as no surprise that home-grown esports organisation, Flash Vision, a major tournament organiser in Malaysia for esports games like Mobile Legends and the slew of various fighting games like Street Fighter and Tekken, is also contributing to these efforts.

Announced on Thursday (27 Oct), the FV Major University Program aims to offer university students a chance to learn how an esports event is organised, while also giving them the opportunity to participate in the same tournament as a competitor for its upcoming Flash Vision Major 2022.

For those who aren't familiar with it, FV Major is an esports tournament that is held in Malaysia annually, mainly focused on fighting games. In the past, FV Major has been a platform for companies like Capcom and Bandai to hold esports competitions like the Capcom Pro Tour for the Street Fighter series, and Tekken World Tour for the Tekken series.

This year is no different, with FV Major 2022 being an official tournament ground for the Dragonball FighterZ World Tour.

What you can learn from this experience

Now, before you scream 'exploitation of students', Business Development Manager of Flash Vision, Mohd Aliffa bin Mohd Isa, has assured us that this is anything but.

Speaking to Yahoo Esports SEA, Aliffa said that students who apply for this initiative will be able to participate in FV Major 2022 at no cost, with the usual tournament fee of RM50 waived.

Beyond free entry to the tournament, Aliffa also shared that the participants of the programme will be offered an opportunity to have a peek at the organisation of FV Major 2022.

Should they choose to stay on in the programme after FV Major, they will have a hand in organising future events to build their portfolio.

Beyond getting to understand the operations of an esports tournament, Aliffa added that participants would have the chance to be attached to Flash Vision-sponsored esports athletes to learn the ropes in the games of their choosing, as part of the programme's initiative. And if it doesn't suit your career path, there seems to be no strings attached for its participants.

"I hope the programme can be a great first step for participating students to embark in an adventure in the world of esports. You need an adventure to find where are you belong, and hopefully esports might be the place you can call home," Aliffa added.

If you are a Malaysian university undergraduate and would like to participate in the programme, you can apply to do so here.

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