Flight delays warning after power failure at Liverpool airport

Travellers have been warned of possible delays after a power outage grounded all flights at Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

The airport said engineers "have resolved the earlier Air Traffic Control power issue", but there may still be delays to flights.

Aircraft operations have now resumed at the airport in Liverpool.

"There may be delays to your flight, please consult your airline for any further updates. We apologise for any inconvenience caused," a statement said.

One passenger said they had been sat on the plane waiting to take off for hours.

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In response to the airport's announcement on X, they said: "Really I'm still sat on a plane on the tarmac. Been nearly 3 hours now."

Another said they were hoping to board their flight soon as there was a "full Ryanair flight sitting here at Dublin Airport since 1.30pm".

As the airport announced the power failure affecting Air Traffic Control, one passenger commented on Facebook saying they had "been stuck on the plane in Szczecin airport for over two hours now," with "no updates" on the situation.