Flood risk to Ulu Pandan park connector remains as repair works continue

Three phases of recovery works for the damaged Ulu Pandan park connector. (PHOTOS: HDB)(PHOTOS: HDB)
Downstream segments of the Ulu Pandan park connector from Boon Lay Way and the Ayer Rajah Expressway to the Commonwealth Avenue West flyover will be opened from 10 September, 2022. (PHOTOS: HDB)

SINGAPORE — The flood risk to the Ulu Pandan park connector in Clementi and immediate upstream areas remains, especially during heavy rain as the canal has yet to be restored, said the Housing Development Board (HDB) on Thursday (8 September), six days after a landslide caused parts of the connector to close.

"We will continue to work with (Public Utilities Board) PUB and (National Parks Board) NParks to closely monitor the water level in the canal, and to promptly alert residents and park users of any flood risks," HDB added in a Facebook post.

Downstream segments of the park connector from Boon Lay Way and the Ayer Rajah Expressway to the Commonwealth Avenue West flyover will be opened this weekend.

"NParks will work with PUB to monitor the rain forecast and water level in the canal, and will temporarily close the park connector when necessary," said HDB.

The upstream stretch of the park connector from the incident site to Clementi Road will remain closed for safety reasons, "due to ongoing and planned recovery works, and potential flood risk".

The landslide last Friday morning occurred at a nearly-completed Build-to-Order (BTO) housing project along the river. It injured a male passerby, with the resulting soil displacement damaging the connector.

In its Facebook post, HDB detailed the current and planned recovery operations to be carried out in three phases at the affected construction site.

Since the incident, HDB and contractor Chiu Teng Construction have stabilised the soil by applying a thin layer of concrete over the slope, as well as widened the channel in Sungei Ulu Pandan from 1.5m to the current 3.5m and deployed several pumps to improve water flow in the canal.

HDB is ready to begin the second phase of the recovery works, which involves installation of sheet piles along the affected stretch of the connector, to reinforce and further stabilise the slope.

"This is a critical phase, and needs to be completed before the main recovery and reconstruction works can be carried out safely," it noted.

During this phase, sheet piles will be driven deep into the ground to provide earth retention and excavation support, which create a barrier for the safe removal of the displaced earth in the canal.

The sheet piling works are expected to start this weekend and will take at least a month to complete, said HDB.

The third, and final, phase will involve fully restoring the canal, reinstating the damaged part of the connector, and reconstructing the slope and retaining walls within the construction site.

These works are extensive and expected to take a few months to complete, said HDB, adding that it will simultaneously continue to closely monitor the structural safety of nearby buildings.

"We seek the patience and understanding of residents and park users who may be inconvenienced during the period of recovery works over the next few months," it said.

"We will do our best to complete the slope stabilisation, and main recovery and reconstruction works without undue delay, and safely."

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