Foreign worker shelters elderly woman from heavy rain across Serangoon HDB block

Simple act earns plenty of plaudits on social media, commending on the worker's kind gesture

Foreign worker sheltering lady from the rain (Photos: KJ Kyle/Facebook)
Foreign worker sheltering lady from the rain (Photos: KJ Kyle for Complaint Singapore/Facebook)

SINGAPORE — Rain is expected to persist over the next four days, according to the Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS). As Singaporeans find ways to shelter themselves against the downpour, a heartwarming act was documented by a netizen on Tuesday afternoon (28 February).

The netizen witnessed a foreign worker assisting an elderly woman as she crossed from one block to another amid a heavy downpour at Serangoon North Avenue 4.

The worker was seen having his lunch when he saw the elderly woman standing on the edge of the void deck. He then proceeded to ask her if she wanted to get to the other block, before using an umbrella to shield her from the rain and accompany her to the next block.

The woman would have needed to go on a long detour to reach the other block, had she taken the sheltered walkway route. The netizen assumed that she was not able to walk a far distance and was therefore waiting for the rain to subside.

The worker is believed to be one of the group of workers working on a new lift for the block, which is undergoing the Housing and Development Board's (HDB) upgrading program.

Plaudits from netizens over kind act

Positive comments have flooded the Complaint Singapore Facebook post over the kind act, with netizens thanking the worker for his kindness and blessing him for making their day.

"God bless him as well as you... for sharing a good side of (people) who need to be appreciated," shared Facebook user Muni Thara.

Another Facebook user Raven Qiu expressed how viewing the photos made her day and wished both parties well.

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