Forget tie-in Coca-Cola flavors, League of Legends gets new gimmick product from LG - and it actually looks good

 woman posing with giant fist in front of gaming monitor
woman posing with giant fist in front of gaming monitor

League of Legends fans can celebrate their love for the extremely popular MMO title with this brand-new themed gaming monitor from LG.

The limited-edition UltraGear OLED gaming monitor features League of Legends-themed designs and icons on both the external chassis and the interface. It also boasts a 27-inch screen, an incredibly high 240Hz refresh rate, and a speedy response rate of 0.03 milliseconds Gray-to-Gray (GTG). It also has a QHD (2560 x 1440) resolution OLED display, as well as supports HDR10, and covers 98.5% of the DCI-P3 color gamut.

According to LG, the monitor was developed with feedback from the community, which is clearly apparent from the high-end specs that are tailor-made for professional gamers (the fast refresh rate and low response times are especially useful for fast-paced competitive games). Also interesting to note is that the high color gamut also means that it doubles as a solid monitor for creative projects.

You can only purchase this gaming monitor from LG’s official online stores in the following countries starting today, 11 September: the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Saudi Arabia, and South Korea. Those who preorder the monitor from the online store will receive three skin codes of popular League of Legends champions.

League of Legends is a hot IP

It’s pretty common for there to be tie-in products with a popular video game, as profits are nearly guaranteed as long as said product isn’t a low-quality mess. However, it’s apparent that LG really has taken into account the needs of the League of Legends community, considering how tricked out the specs are - and this certainly makes sense since the community is well-known for being very local.

This isn’t the first high-profile partnership with League of Legends studio Riot Games either. Just recently, Coca-Cola gave the MMO its own flavor called Coca-Cola Ultimate. The product itself comes with several in-game bonuses including XP bonuses, as well as in-game emotes, and extra missions. However, the flavor is a true mystery, as it apparently "unlocks the taste of +XP for players" with no other description.

There’s also the upcoming League of Legends fighting game Project L, which was playable at EVO 2023 in August, marking the first time the fighting game was playable by the public. There were only four characters available for the demo — Ahri, Ekko, Darius, and Yasuo — with two more champions, Jinx and Illaoi, also confirmed for the title.

And who can forget the highly successful prequel anime on Netflix, Arcane, that builds on the lore and characters in a fresh new way?

Of course, its popularity also makes it a huge target for bad actors. Back in January 2023, hackers who targeted Riot Games announced that they were auctioning off source code for the MMO, demanding $10 million in ransom. However, Riot Games publicly announced it would not be paying.

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