Former transport minister S. Iswaran granted 16-day extension abroad after falling ill in Australia

Facing multiple charges including corruption, he had initially received approval to leave Singapore to help son settle in at university

Iswaran permitted additional 16 days outside Singapore due to illness during Australian trip
Iswaran permitted additional 16 days outside Singapore due to illness during Australian trip. (PHOTO: MCI)

SINGAPORE — Former transport minister S Iswaran, who is facing multiple charges including corruption, has been granted on Monday (4 March) an extension of 16 days to remain outside Singapore. This extension was permitted after he fell ill while in Australia.

CNA reported an Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) spokesperson saying that the defence filed an application for the extension during an urgent mention at the State Courts. This allows Iswaran to stay outside Singapore until 19 March.

The prosecution did not object to this extension as long as certain enhanced bail conditions were met. Details regarding Iswaran's illness were not disclosed, according to CNA.

Iswaran had initially been granted permission to leave Singapore between 16 February and 4 March to assist his son in settling into university in Australia.

Reporting requirements for Iswaran during extended stay abroad

Under the terms of the extension, Iswaran is required to report to an investigation officer daily via video call, to provide updates on his medical condition and any potential issues regarding his return to Singapore on 19 March. His bailor must also consent to the extension of his stay in Australia.

Iswaran will now have to surrender his passport to the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau on 20 March.

The prosecution had not opposed Iswaran's initial application on 8 February, provided he adhered to additional bail conditions. These included an additional cash bail sum of S$500,000 on top of his existing bail of S$800,000.

He was also required to furnish his travel itinerary and overseas address to an investigating officer and remain contactable at all times.

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