Three made-in-Singapore films to look forward to in 2016

Jack Neo talks about his new film, Long, Long time Ago.

Looking forward to 2016, Singapore filmmakers have a fresh lineup of movies for the local and international market.

As announced at the Asia TV Forum on 2 December, there will be a good mix of stories for screen in various genres including comedy, romance, and period drama.

Among the features and animations, audiences can look forward to three key films next year:

Long, Long time Ago
Directed by one of Singapore’s most notable film directors, Jack Neo takes audiences back to the end of the colonial period of Singapore and its development after separation from Malaysia.
Neo said he wanted to explore the old Singapore, bringing back moments that have been lost over time, including the use of language.
“There are lots of Hokkien words that are no longer in use today, but we want to bring it back,” he said.
He added that the movie will encompass a mix of languages, and will mostly be in Hokkien and Malay, however, there will be Chinese subtitles for the audience.
The movie will premiere during Chinese New Year in February next year.

4 Love
4 Love is an anthology of four different love stories directed by up-and-coming Singapore filmmakers, Raihan Halim, Gilbert Chan, Sam Loh and Daniel Yam.
The film explores the different kinds of love people experience as teenagers, young adults, mid-lifers, as well as the elderly.
The movie also examines the fast-paced environment we live in, and the pressures of urban life.
Although a series of love stories, some directors opted to take a more unconventional route.
Director Sam Loh focuses on the idea of a woman cheating in a marriage.
He said, “In many movies, the man usually strays. I wanted to explore the female side of it… what kind of problems they face, and the decisions they have to make.”
4 Love is expected to be released in the first quarter next year.

My Love, Sinema
Irene Ang’s Fly Entertainment produces a love story that transcends generations.
Written by director Tan Ai Leng, the film is set in Ipoh, Malaysia and Singapore, and stars Ah Boys to Men’s Tosh Zhang, Mata Mata’s Cheryl Wee, and Jeff Wang, among others.
The film tells a story of a cinema trainee, Kheong, who moves to the city from his village, where he meets the love of his life.
It is slated for release in the second half of 2016.