‘Freaking cutest’ toddler breaks down when he sees dad on first day of day care

A father went viral for posting a clip of his son’s first day of day care.

There’s no doubt starting day care can be a bit traumatic for toddlers. They’re on their own in a strange new place for the first time, and if something goes wrong, mom and dad aren’t there.

When director Al G Sillah went to pick up his son, the little guy had a very strong reaction to seeing his papa after a long day.

“When daddy picks you up from your first day of daycare,” the video text read.

The little boy was wearing his school uniform and sitting at a tiny desk. He locked eyes with his dad, who was holding the camera.

At first, the little one looked excited. But as the dad came closer, it appeared the toddler got so overwhelmed he couldn’t help but cry. It was adorable.

The video racked up 298,000 likes on Instagram.

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“‘He’s like ‘Man! I MISSED youuuu!!! You just don’t know!’ Threw the toy n er’thing!” a user commented.

“Awww, this stage had me so broken. I would give my baby something of mine to keep and tell her I was coming back to get it. She would check her cubby periodically to make sure it was still there,” someone shared.

“He emotional about seeing daddy!” another said.

“‘You came back’ baby so glad he ain’t have to get too comfy,” a person added.

“The freaking cutest!!!! He was perfectly fine till he saw his daddy,” a user responded.

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