Free Wi-Fi and mobile apps among most important tools for business travelers

A recent survey shows that technology is perceived as a key tool by business travelers as it increases their productivity during work trips and helps them stay in touch with those at home.

The results of a survey released last week by the Global Business Travel Association with Cambria Suites suggest that technology is perceived as a critical tool during business trips with 62 percent citing free wi-fi as most important when it comes to hotel services and amenities. More than half of the respondents said that they have downloaded apps to help them be more productive on business trips, and around 83 percent of them use technology to plan their business trips.

A third of them say social media has enhanced their business travel experience as it allows them to keep in touch with their personal and professional networks. Technology is also important for business travelers as it helps 81 percent of them to stay connected with loved ones. The survey did suggest, however, that even in times of easily accessible technology, American business travelers still see value in face-to-face meetings, with 79 percent saying that in-person encounters are necessary for doing business successfully.

Having access to free internet services and wi-fi has become a main concern among hotel guests in general, whether traveling for business or not, as a recent study from J.D. Power indicates, with their levels of satisfaction increasingly linked to the speed and quality of connections available in the hotel.

The Global Business Travel Association survey was conducted online between August 1 and 11 among 407 American business travelers who are full-time employees and have taken at least four business trips of at least 50 miles each in the past 12 months.