Friendly Dog Acts as 'Ambassador' to New Puppy by Offering Copious Cuddles — Watch!

"Everybody just kind of follows Frankie around," the canine's owner says of the welcoming pet

Every time Tabitha Miller and her husband get a new dog, their canine Frankie is instrumental in welcoming them into their home.

Two weeks ago, Miller posted a video of Frankie being cradled by Tillie, the family's latest pet addition, on TikTok. "Frankie is the ambassador when we get a new dog," reads the text on the cute clip, which has racked up more than 700,000 views on the social media platform.

The North Carolina residents have been adopting dogs together for more than two decades, and they found Frankie in the Bay Area when they lived in Northern California for two years.

"She waddled over, and she was the cutest thing I'd ever seen," Miller tells PEOPLE. "I got tears in my eye, and I was like, 'I really have to have this dog.'"

Frankie, who's 25% Chihuahua and part terrier, has held this role with the couple's previous pups, too, starting with another Chihuahua named Daphne.

<p>Courtesy of Tabitha Miller</p> Frankie and Tillie

Courtesy of Tabitha Miller

Frankie and Tillie

Miller says Daphne is "basically what my husband calls a panic attack with fur."

When the couple moved to their current home outside Charlotte, Frankie also became "ambassador" to Reba, whom Miller calls "a sweet potato with legs."

"Everybody just kind of follows Frankie around, and they just kind of learn how to be a dog," she says, adding that Frankie has also helped their three cats, Rey, Reggie, and Freddie, get along with the pooches.

<p>Courtesy of Tabitha Miller</p> Reba and Frankie

Courtesy of Tabitha Miller

Reba and Frankie

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After her husband had worked from home for a few years, Miller, a former school principal, also found a remote job, designing curriculum for literacy and science. That was when they decided to adopt Tillie from a local shelter.

Miller says Tillie, who is 9 months old and 56 lbs., is "this big galumph."

<p>Courtesy of Tabitha Miller</p> Frankie and Daphne

Courtesy of Tabitha Miller

Frankie and Daphne

"She's really lanky, and she moves real awkwardly, and she doesn't know fetch yet. She's getting there; she just is a lot," she says.

The couple has to walk Tillie twice a day, or else, "She's just into everything."

"She's very interested in lots of things, and curious, and she really wants to be friends with the cats," Miller adds. "They're not quite ready for her yet because she's so much bigger. And I feel like she doesn't know that she's that big. But she's super sweet, she's really obedient. She will listen, she wants to be everybody's friend, she cuddles, she's silly. I call her 'silly Tillie.' She's fantastic."

<p>Courtesy of Tabitha Miller</p> Frankie and Reggie

Courtesy of Tabitha Miller

Frankie and Reggie

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As for Frankie, Miller says the canine is "super laid back" and "has just enough attitude to make life really interesting."

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<p>Courtesy of Tabitha Miller</p> Rey and Frankie

Courtesy of Tabitha Miller

Rey and Frankie

Sometimes, the couple will push Frankie in a stroller since she has "tiny" legs and has gotten slower with age.

"We let her walk as much as she can, and then we put her in the stroller," Miller explains. "She'll be in the stroller, and she just kind of looks entitled to be in the stroller."

"And then all of a sudden, somebody will walk by with a dog, and she starts barking at them from a stroller," she adds. "I'm like' 'Dude, that is not convincing to anybody." So I laugh at Frankie probably three, four times a day."

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