Carl Froch hits out at ‘disgraceful’ John Fury after headbutting member of Team Usyk

Carl Froch has called John Fury “disgraceful” after headbutting a member of Oleksandr Usyk’s team on Monday – five days before his son Tyson Fury’s undisputed heavyweight title fight.

The chaotic incident in Saudi Arabia, which left John, a former boxer and bare-knuckle fighter, with blood streaming down his face, is the latest example of the heavyweight world champion’s father capturing attention during fight week.

Fury, 59, later apologised, maintaining “it’s just the way we are”, but Froch was left furious by his antics and the potential damage to boxing’s image during a historic week.

Froch said his YouTube channel Froch on Fighting: “The first press day for the biggest fight in boxing history, Fury vs Usyk, they’re coming together for all the belts... What’s my lasting memory of the show? Big John Fury, the fighting man, sticks the nut on some small, skinny kid from Team Usyk, drops the nut straight on his face, faceplants him, cuts his own face open, bruises the other kid and makes a mockery of boxing.

“It’s disgusting and disgraceful what he’s done. He should be embarrassed. It’s not acceptable. I don’t know why he’s done it. You’ve got Team Usyk one side of the room, chanting ‘Usyk’, as you would. The other side of the room you have Tyson Fury fans and his team.

“But big John Fury wants to get involved and get a piece of the action. He has a push, picking his spots, typical big bully, picks on the smallest guy in there. And drops the nut on him. But guess what, he came off the worst, a big cut on his head, claret down his face, what an idiot.

“Nobody is calling it out, but that’s why I’m here. John Fury is a disgrace. What he’s doing is bringing boxing into disrepute. It’s disgusting and terrible that people watching this fight, there’ll be young kids, trying to get into the sport. The attention it’s bringing to the sport. You’ve got John Fury, big idiot, headbutting somebody from the other team and thinking it’s OK.

John Fury sustained a cut and the rival camps had to be separated (PA Wire)
John Fury sustained a cut and the rival camps had to be separated (PA Wire)

“You’ve let yourself and your family down. It’s absolutely disgraceful. You should be embarrassed. Lock him up, keep him out of the way. He’s had his limelight, his fun, he’s probably had a warning.”

Fury, who retired with a record of 8–4–1, has responded to the criticism, threatening Froch, the former world champion: "Carl Froch is a bum, he'll get what little men get.”