Fury vs Usyk official scorecards: Did the judges get it right in undisputed heavyweight title fight?

Oleksandr Usyk beat Tyson Fury via split decision on Saturday, handing the Briton the first loss of his professional career and becoming undisputed heavyweight champion.

The scorecards in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, read 115-112 to Usyk, 114-113 to Fury, and 114-113 to Usyk. The first scorecard belonged to Manuel Oliver Palomo, the second was Craig Metcalfe’s, and the third was Mike Fitzgerald’s.

Those scores resulted in a victory for the unbeaten Usyk, who became the first undisputed heavyweight champion in 24 years. But which of those scorecards, if any, was accurate?

Below are the official, round-by-round scorecards from the judges, followed by a detailed breakdown of how Indy Sport scored the bout from ringside at the Kingdom Arena...

The official scorecards from Usyk’s victory over Fury (Middle East Professional Boxing)
The official scorecards from Usyk’s victory over Fury (Middle East Professional Boxing)

Round one

Clear for Usyk, who attacked the body effectively throughout –not just with jabs but with numerous crosses. He held the centre of the ring and eventually cornered Fury, who taunted the Ukrainian there. Usyk eventually landed a clean cross upstairs. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Round two

Big one-two for Usyk, who then resumed his pattern from the first round, only for Fury to likely steal the round late with a trio of right uppercuts – two to the body of Usyk, and the third to the head. Fury 10-9 Usyk.

Round three

A rapid jab was working well for Fury. Usyk came back with more straights to the body. Big right uppercut to the body of Usyk, who retaliated by letting go with lefts on a cornered Fury. Fury 10-9 Usyk.

 (Nick Potts/PA Wire)
(Nick Potts/PA Wire)

Round four

Fury taunting again and enjoying the occasion, looking comfortable. Usyk with a stern cross to the body. Fury switching stances. Usyk rallying but struggling to get past the jab of the longer man. Fury 10-9 Usyk.

Round five

Usyk with a prayer in the corner. Uppercuts effective for Fury, to the body and head. He preferred the body as the round went on, with Usyk wincing and retreating for the first time in the fight. Usyk also complaining of low blows, though the shots seemed legal. Fury 10-9 Usyk.

Round six

Started to look like the beginning of the end for Usyk. Fury, having brutalised the Ukrainian’s body with the right uppercut on repeat, aimed that shot at the head this time, stunning Usyk. The unified champion staggered away, perhaps looking as hurt as he ever has in his career. Fury built from there. Fury 10-9 Usyk.

 (Action Images via Reuters)
(Action Images via Reuters)

Round seven

Usyk landing sporadic crosses but walking into a right uppercut, which scuffed the chin of the southpaw. A hard cross by Usyk, who ended the round with more good straights. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Round eight

Right hook by Fury got around the guard of Usyk, who replied with a combination upstairs. Cross by Usyk. Right hook and spearing southpaw cross by him. He targeted the body next. Usyk with another hard cross, Fury cut seemingly around the right eye that was lacerated to delay this fight in February. Fury’s nose also bleeding. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Round nine

Usyk landing left hooks at close range, squaring his feet. Usyk with a BRUTAL left hand to put Fury absolutely out on his feet, devoid of his senses and arguably saved by a strange standing count from the referee.The fight could have been stopped here. Usyk 10-8 Fury.

 (Nick Potts/PA Wire)
(Nick Potts/PA Wire)

Round 10

Usyk pressing forward but not forcing a finish. Fury using the round to recover. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Round 11

Usyk still pressing and eventually landing a left overhand on the buzzer. Fury with sporadic offence. A close round. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Round 12

Usyk looking to the ceiling then the canvas. He skidded a cross up Fury’s face. Right hook to the head of Fury, who landed one of his own. Another close round, but Usyk did exactly what he had to. Usyk 10-9 Fury.

Indy Sport overall score: Usyk 115-112 Fury