GE2020: PAP candidate Ivan Lim responds to online criticism, pledges to 'stay the course'

Chia Han Keong
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Ivan Lim, 42, was unofficially unveiled as a PAP candidate on Wednesday, 25 June 2020. PHOTO: People's Action Party
Ivan Lim, 42, was unofficially unveiled as a PAP candidate on Wednesday, 25 June 2020. PHOTO: People's Action Party

SINGAPORE — People’s Action Party’s (PAP) General Election candidate Ivan Lim Shaw Chua has responded to recent social media criticism, saying in a media statement on Saturday (27 June) that he is “determined to stay the course and to serve if I am elected”.

Lim, 42, came under fire when multiple online posts appeared as he was unveiled as a GE candidate on Wednesday. The posts, purportedly from former colleagues and National Servicemen, claimed that he is arrogant, elitist and lacks compassion.

“I wish to state my position regarding recent Facebook posts about me after the party candidate introduction on Wednesday,” Lim, who currently manages specialised vessels for Keppel Shipyard, said in his statement.

“The allegation that I am involved in the bribery case in Brazil completely baseless and untrue. I was not involved in any of the Brazilian projects.

“As to the stories about the army incidents, people can have different perspectives of the same incident. For example, it has been suggested in one of the posts that I was harsh for requiring the men to book-in at 2200hrs when the norm was 2359hrs.

“I should explain that on that occasion the men had a move out time early the next morning at 5am. It was important to ensure, and the rules required, that the men get enough rest. As such, I asked them to come back at 2200hrs and not 2359hrs.

“As the story notes, I came back earlier myself as well. I set high standards for the unit as a CO (commanding officer). I believe in working together and I did not ask the men to do something I was not prepared to do myself.”

Criticised by former Keppel Shipyard colleagues

Lim was also criticised online purportedly by former colleagues in Keppel Shipyard.

“With respect to the post by the ex-colleague, the shipyard industry is a tough and exacting one and we have always required high standards of Keppel colleagues to ensure that they can return home safely to their families,” he said in his statement.

“There are many colleagues who have been promoted and done well during my tenure as AGM (assistant general manager) and GM (general manager) of Keppel.

“Regarding the post about not smiling at my neighbour, I do not recall a specific incident. However, like many others who live in apartments, I know some neighbours better than others and interact with some more than others.”

Lim said in his statement that, while he expected a tough reception when he agreed to enter politics, the test has come “sooner than I expected”.

“I wish to say that I am determined to stay the course and to serve if I am elected. I accept that I can always do better and I am willing to learn,” he added. “I will take this experience to heart and do my best to prove myself to voters and all Singaporeans.”

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