GE2020: Vote fearlessly for the opposition, urges Lee Hsien Yang in final pitch

PSP's Lee Hsien Yang at a Nee Soon GRC house visit on 5 July. (PHOTO:Yahoo News Singapore/Nick Tan)
PSP's Lee Hsien Yang at a Nee Soon GRC house visit on 5 July. (PHOTO:Yahoo News Singapore/Nick Tan)

SINGAPORE — Progress Singapore Party (PSP) member Lee Hsien Yang on Wednesday (8 July) made a final pitch to Singaporeans to send a “wake up call” to the government and to vote “fearlessly” for the opposition in a Facebook post and a video.

“No more blank checks. We must rescue the future of the country we love,” urged Lee, who is the younger brother of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, in a 5-minute video recording that was played at a PSP live talkshow hosted on Facebook on the last day of campaigning.

“On Friday, our votes will determine Singapore's path for the next five years. Our votes will determine if the population of Singapore will continue to grow substantially...whether Singaporeans will face more competition from foreign talent for jobs and promotions, whether there’ll be enough opposition MPs in Parliament to hold the PAP (People’s Action Party) to account,” said the younger Lee.

He added, “Our votes will decide if there’s voice in Parliament on issues such as GST increases, HDB leases decay, titanic ministerial salaries and secret salaries at Temasek (Holdings). Our votes will decide if we continue to see the monochrome of PAP’s natural aristocracy, or if we’ll address group-think and bring in fresh ideas.”

Lee also said that the PSP has thoughtful and sensible leaders who want to build a Singapore where the benefits are shared more fairly. He added that the party defends freedom of speech and good values, and wants a Singapore where people matter.

Meanwhile, in the Facebook post which he put up a few hours before the talkshow, Lee said voting for the opposition is “the safest choice” for voters. “It is not rocking the boat but saving our boat from sinking.”

He added, “The maze we live in today is the result of having a single party in charge with no checks and balances, no transparency or accountability. Only ‘ownself check ownself’. This is dangerous for the future of Singapore. Every single vote counts. End the PAP’s supermajority. Send that wake up call to the current leadership. No more blank cheque.”

Polling will take place from 8am to 8pm on Friday.

A total of 192 candidates are contesting 93 parliamentary seats across six four-member GRCs, 11 five-member GRCs and 14 SMCs.

The PAP is contesting all 93 seats.

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