Genshin Impact to bring 'emergency food' to S'pore, M'sia with Domino's Pizza

Genshin Impact fans, get ready for emergency food with Paimon's Gastronomical Journey. (Photo: HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact fans, get ready for emergency food with Paimon's Gastronomical Journey. (Photo: HoYoverse)

While the new region of Sumeru may have fans currently craving Middle Eastern cuisine, hit game Genshin Impact is giving pizza fans in Singapore and Malaysia something to cheer about with the upcoming "Paimon's Gastronomical Journey".

From 14 September to 26 October, fans will be able to order 'Emergency Food Combos' from Domino's Pizza, which come with exclusives like a Genshin Impact x Domino's Pizza pizza bag, Genshin Impact postcards and tinplate button badges.

A reference to the running gag of the Traveler (the main character in Genshin Impact) referring to his/her travelling companion, Paimon, as 'emergency food', the combos will also include pizza, bread and drinks. As far as we know, no Paimons will be harmed in the production of said emergency food combos.

Combo A, which feeds one to two people, costs S$16.90 in Singapore, and RM29.95 in Malaysia, while Combo B (for three to four people), will cost S$36, or RM59.95.

This also ties in with Domino's Mentaiko pizzas, which are also available for a limited period.

Other offline activities

In addition, during the event, there will be various activities to participate in, including offline events where fans can win different prizes.

HoYoverse has said that more details will be available from the official social media channels of Domino's Pizza Singapore and Malaysia, as well as UniPin Malaysia, which should be expected before the event goes live on Wednesday.

For those who would like to have a more immersive Genshin Impact experience, here's another bit of good news.

In addition to the combo bundles, selected Domino's Pizza outlets will also be decorated with Genshin Impact x Domino's Pizza elements during the event. The list of outlets can be found on the event page for "Paimon's Gastronomical Journey" here.

Genshin Impact fans in Southeast Asia have had plenty to cheer about, with HoYoverse bringing HoYofest to the region and tying up with products like bubble tea.

Would be nice if they gave us those Noelle and Diluc KFC skins, though.

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