Genshin Impact version 4.3 drops 20 December with Navia, Chevreuse, reruns for Ayaka and Raiden Shogun, and more

If you like guns, then this upcoming update will be for you as both Navia and Chevreuse pack a lot of literal firepower!

Genshin Impact version 4.3 drops on 20 December and features two new characters in Navia and Chevreuse as well as reruns for Ayaka, the Raiden Shogun, and Yoimiya alongside tons of other new content. (Photo: HoYoverse)
Genshin Impact version 4.3 drops on 20 December and features two new characters in Navia and Chevreuse as well as reruns for Ayaka, the Raiden Shogun, and Yoimiya alongside tons of other new content. (Photo: HoYoverse)

Our adventures in Fontaine continue in Genshin Impact version 4.3 "Roses and Muskets", which will be released on 20 December.

The upcoming update features two new characters in Navia and Chevreuse, reruns for Ayaka, the Raiden Shogun, and Yoimiya, plus new events, a Fontaine biome for the Serenitea Pot, and more!

But before we break down everything new coming in version 4.3, here are the livestream codes! Make sure to redeem them before they expire to get Primogems and other rewards!

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Navia and Chevreuse join the show

We'll be knockin' on heaven's door in version 4.3, as the aptly named "Roses and Muskets" update features two new characters that pack a whole lot of firepower!


(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Navia is a 5-star Geo Claymore user, so we're finally getting our seventh Geo character in the game since Yun Jin was added in version 2.4 all the way back in January 2022. But don't let her graceful and sophisticated demeanor fool you, Navia is not afraid to use her Claymore and impressive arsenal of firearms to win fights — and look gorgeous while doing so!

Navia will be breathing new life not only to the Geo element but also to the neglected Crystallize reaction. She can absorb Crystallize shards to empower her skill, which lets her fire off a powerful shot from her gunbrella! Navia can also use her burst to call forth an artillery barrage to strike enemies with Geo DMG and create more Crystallize shards for her skill.

As the boss of the Spina Di Rosula, Navia has featured prominently in the Fontaine storyline so far and even played an instrumental role in preventing the nation from being destroyed by the prophecy. However, it came at great personal cost to her. The upcoming update will also feature Navia's Story Quest, where the Traveler will help her pick up the pieces from the averted, but still costly, disaster.


(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Chevreuse is an all-new character that has yet to make an in-game appearance before her upcoming debut in version 4.3. She is the captain of the Special Security and Surveillance Patrol, an elite task force under the Maison Gardiennage, Fontaine's law enforcement service.

Chevreuse is a 4-star Pyro Polearm user, though her kit also prominently features her trusty musket! Just like Navia, Chevreuse will breathe new life into the neglected Overloard reaction, as she can reduce an enemy's resistance to Electro and Pyro attacks.

With her skill, Chevreuse fires her musket at an enemy while also providing healing to the party's active character. She can also throw out an explosive grenade with her burst to devastate enemy ranks and trigger the Overload reaction more times. However, Chevreuse needs to be run in a team with only Pyro and Electro characters to be most effective.

Navia will make her debut in the first half of version 4.3 alongside a rerun for Kamisato Ayaka. Meanwhile, the second half of the upcoming update features a double rerun banner for the Raiden Shogun and Yoimiya, with Chevreuse also being one of the rate-up 4-stars in this half.

New upcoming character Chiori

Genshin Impact version 4.3 will also reveal a new upcoming character, Chiori! She is a famous fashion designer from Inazuma that moved to Fontaine and is now running the Chioriya Boutique. Some of the characters she has designed outfits for include Navia, Lyney, Lynette, and Kirara.

Chiori will be one of the featured characters in version 4.3's main event, though her elemental alignment, weapon of choice, and rarity have not yet been officially revealed. But since Chiori will be making an appearance in version 4.3, we can expect her to make her debut as a playable character in the next few versions.

New Fontaine Film Festival main event

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

The main event for version 4.3 will be centered around the Fontinalia Festival, which celebrates the legendary Lochknights who welcomed the previous Hydro Archon Egeria to Fontaine.

This year's Fontinalia Festival will be celebrated with a unique film festival, where the Traveler and none other than Furina herself will form an unexpected team to work on a film. Some of the characters joining the crew include Chiori as art director and the Kamisato twins Ayato and Ayaka. We can only expect lots of shenanigans with this unlikely cast, but we're sure it'll all work out with Furina as the director!

Participating in this event yields the usual Primogem and enhancement material rewards plus the event-exclusive Claymore, Ultimate Overlord's Mega Magic Sword, and its refinement material.

Other events in version 4.3 include a rerun of Arataki Itto's beetle battle event, this time happening in Liyue as Kuki Shinobu returns for a class reunion. There's also the "Lost Riches" treasure-hunting event with a new underwater Seelie pets as reward and the "Dance of Resolute Will" domain combat event.

Major TCG update with new cards and a live TCG tournament

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Travelers who enjoy card games more than adventuring, rejoice! Version 4.3 will also include a major update to Genius Invokation TCG with more cards, NPCs that can be challenged, and a limited time Heated Battle Mode.

The new character cards coming include the magician siblings Lyney and Lynette, Yelan, Layla, Alhaitham, and even boss enemies like Signora (RIP), Azhdaha, Dvalin, the Thunder Manifestation, and more.

In addition, HoYoverse will be hosting the Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational on 11 January 2024 for TCG fans who are looking to see how the best of the best play! The Genius Invokation TCG Asia Invitational will feature 16 of the best TCG players from all across Asia and HoYoverse is set to announce more details on the event in the coming weeks.

Artifact, expedition quality-of-life updates and other optimisations

Aside from new content, Genshin Impact version 4.3 also features optimizations to existing in-game systems such as artifacts and expeditions.

Among the optimizations include a "one-click function" for collecting expeditions rewards and re-sending characters to expeditions and streamlined locking and unlocking functions for artifacts, among others. For a more detailed look at all the optimizations coming in version 4.3, check our breakdown of them here.

New Fontaine Serenitea Pot biome

(Photo: HoYoverse)
(Photo: HoYoverse)

Players looking to feel more at home in Fontaine will finally be able to do so in version 4.3, which adds the beautiful new Fontaine biome to the Serenitea Pot!

The Fontaine biome will be located entirely underwater, complete with schools of fish and vibrant marine vegetation making for a lively backdrop. Players will be able to travel to the different islands in this biome through ocean currents and even place a pond underwater for their pet fish. Just don't ask Tubby how all this works though, probably adeptus magic or something similar.

Genshin Impact concert premieres 22 December

This year's Genshin Impact concert will premiere on 22 December and features over an hour of the game's beautiful music from over 25 tracks from the five different nations. The concert will be directed by Japanese video game composer and arranger Yasunori Nishiki and will be performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, conductor Robert Ziegler, singers, and various musicians.

During the concert, the musicians and the orchestra will have their perforamnce blend with iconic game scenes, using XR, AR and animation technology to make for what should be a sublime audio-visual experience for Genshin Impact fans.

For more information on the Genshin Impact concert, check out the official website here.

For more details on all the new content coming in Genshin Impact version 4.3, check out the full preview livestream here.

Genshin Impact is currently in the second half of version 4.2, which features reruns for Cyno and Kamisato Ayato. If you're turn on whether or not you should pull on their banners, we've got you covered.

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