Genshin Impact's Loom of Fate: What is it and why does the Abyss Order want it?

The mysterious Loom of Fate is central to the nefarious schemes of the Abyss Order, and may also be at the heart of the game's climactic battle.

In Genshin Impact, the mysterious Loom of Fate is central to the nefarious schemes of the Abyss Order, and may also be at the heart of the game's climactic battle. (Photo: HoYoverse)
In Genshin Impact, the mysterious Loom of Fate is central to the nefarious schemes of the Abyss Order, and may also be at the heart of the game's climactic battle. (Photo: HoYoverse)

The story of Genshin Impact sees the player, in the shoes of the Traveler, go on a journey through the seven nations of Teyvat in search of their lost twin.

Along the way, they go on many adventures and face many enemies, such as the sinister forces of the Fatui and the looming threat of Celestia.

However, the enigmatic Abyss Order seem to be the game's ultimate antagonists, being led by the Traveler's estranged twin.

And chief among the Abyss Order's plans is the mysterious 'Loom of Fate'.

Let's dive deep into the lore to learn about the Loom of Fate and how it figures into the plans of the Abyss Order and the overarching story of Genshin Impact.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for the Archon Quest, Prologue, Act III: When The Wind Dies Down, World Quest Boughkeeper: Dainsleif, Archon Quest, Chapter I Act IV: We Will Be Reunited, Archon Quest, Chapter II Act IV: Requiem of the Echoing Depths, and the recent Archon Quest, Chapter III Act VI: Caribert, as well as various character stories, in-game lore, and collectible documents. Read at your own risk!

Our introduction to the Abyss Order during the first Archon Quest 'Prologue: The Outlander Who Caught The Wind' painted them as nothing more than a ragtag bunch of Abyss Mages manipulating the great dragon Dvalin to do their bidding, and constantly being foiled by the Traveller and their companions in another, similar attempt with Osial, the Sea Serpent and archnemesis of Rex Lapis.

However, as the game progressed, we came to realise that there was a far more powerful being pulling the strings behind the anonymous monsters we’ve been felling left and right. And it was none other than the Traveler’s missing twin, taking on the title of the Prince or Princess of the Abyss, depending on if the player chose to play Aether or Lumine.

We soon find out that the Abyss Twin's ultimate goal is to wage war against Celestia and the Heavenly Principles as revenge for the unjust punishment that was given to the people of Khaenri'ah, who had once seen her as their only hope, as was revealed in the Archon Quest 'Caribert'.

To achieve their goals, the Abyss Twin commanded the Abyss Order to execute a top secret project that centred on the 'Loom of Fate'.

But what is the Loom of Fate?

In the Caribert quest, the titular character was unwittingly imbued with the dark power of the Abyss by his father, Clothar, while venerating a dark stone in what looked to be the ruins of a Khaenri’ahn palace.

Clothar would also state that the child “will be able to to weave his own destiny anew”.

Of course, that came from a vision seen by the Traveler of events that transpired 500 years before the game's story started.

Since then, Clothar has seemingly passed away despite being cursed with immortality while Caribert's fate remains unknown.

Jumping back to present-day Teyvat, the Abyss Order, now under the command of the Abyss Twin, is still embroiled in the Loom of Fate project.

We first find inklings of this when the Abyss Order attempted to take control of Dvalin by tainting him with Abyssal power.

That seemed to be just one step in their plans to create a “mechanical god” with the eye of the first Field Tiller and the Defiled Statue of the Seven we found underneath Mondstadt, planning to attach Osial’s limbs onto it and using this sinister creation to destroy Celestia.

In Greek mythology, the Loom of Fate is a device that the Fates, who are a trio of sister-goddesses, use to create and shape the destiny of humanity. The three sister-goddesses are Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos.

Clotho creates the 'fibres' or 'threads', weaving humans and their fates in the womb, Lachesis determines the length of their lives, and Atropos decides when the 'threads' of life are to be cut. In a sense, the Loom of Fate weaves a human’s life, from their birth and up to their death.

We can then assume that the 'Loom of Fate' is a way for the defeated Khaneri’ahns to employ or control Abyssal power to 'change their fates' — as Clothar had stated, “(those who can) control the Abyss can control everything”.

And having control over the Loom of Fate likely means being able to control the outcome of destiny.

But the Loom of Fate was actually referenced even before the game was even released.

In the Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail — released on 27 September 2020, a day before Genshin Impact's official launch on 28 September that year — Dainsleif says this in the final passage of the trailer:

"Now, you who has set foot into this world, your journey has reached its end, but one final doorway remains. Step forth if you have understood the meaning of your journey. Defeat me, command me to step aside, show me you are worthier than I to rescue her. Then, the threads of all fate will be yours to re-weave."

Given that the Travail trailer is basically a preview of the entire Genshin Impact storyline (the Teyvat Chapter at least, whatever that means) that final passage paints the Loom of Fate and the Traveler's conflict with the Abyss Order, and the Abyss Twin, as the game's climactic event.

From what we know so far, we can surmise that the Abyss Twin and the Abyss Order will successfully complete their plans for the Loom of Fate, likely using whatever became of Caribert as the 'core' of this mechanical god and with the eye of the first Field Tiller, the Defiled Statue of the Seven, and other sinister objects amplifying its power.

With the completion of the Loom of Fate project, we expect the Abyss Order to wage its long-planned war against Celestia, though it remains to be seen if they will be successful in this endeavour.

Somewhere along the way, the Traveler and Dainsleif will get the chance to stop the Abyss Order.

However, it does look like the two must first eventually fight before they can confront the Abyss Twin.

After all, Dainsleif seems to be speaking to the Traveler directly when he said, "Defeat me, command me to step aside, show me you are worthier than I to rescue her."

In this scenario, we assume that the Traveler will be able to defeat Dainsleif and the Abyss Twin in turn to finally stop the Abyss Order and take control of the Loom of Fate.

And then, the threads of all fate will be theirs to re-weave. But what the Traveler will do with this incredible power remains to be seen.

Of course, this is all just speculation. We're still midway through the Traveler's journey through the seven nations and their conflict against the Abyss Order. Lots of things can still happen and more mysteries have yet to be uncovered.

With that said, the mystery of the Loom of Fate and its importance to Genshin Impact's sprawling storyline has us very excited for what the future holds.

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