George Conway Tells Trump What The Rest Of The World Really Thinks About Him

Conservative attorney George Conway didn’t hold back as he told Donald Trump and his supporters how the rest of the planet really views the former president.

“Basically, the entire world makes fun of this man,” he said on the latest “George Conway Explains” podcast.

Conway said Trump and his supporters “try to shelter themselves” from that reality by sticking to friendly right-wing media.

But President Joe Biden can “make him look weak and small” at this week’s debate by deliberately provoking him ― and that would give Trump’s supporters a glimpse of how the rest of the world really sees the former president.

“In MAGA Land, they don’t appreciate what a global, planetary joke Donald Trump is to the world,” Conway said. “They think of Donald Trump as this tough guy who scares everybody. He scares everybody in the same way that a 5-year-old walking around on a roof holding a bomb might scare you, but he’s weak and pathetic and stupid and we mock him all the time. Most normal people think he’s an idiot.”

Conway said he’d like to see Biden goad Trump enough to provoke one specific reaction.

“We want this guy foaming at the mouth ― and he will foam at the mouth,” he said.

Check out the full discussion with Sarah Longwell, publisher of the anti-Trump conservative website The Bulwark, below: