Gillian Anderson 'thought she was fixed'

Gillian Anderson is editing a new book about fantasies credit:Bang Showbiz
Gillian Anderson is editing a new book about fantasies credit:Bang Showbiz

Gillian Anderson has been in therapy for "a good portion of [her] life".

The 55-year-old actress is currently editing 'Want', an upcoming book that explores fantasies, and Gillian thought she was "fixed" before she embarked on the creative process.

Asked to explain one of the things she's learned through editing the book, Gillian told the Observer newspaper: "That even though this is a fearless exploration, there are so many things that are still untouchable subjects, or too risky for big companies or individuals to embrace without consequence."

The Hollywood star has also learned that she needs to "focus" her mind.

She added: "What’s the message? What’s the moral? What are you left with at the end of the day? What do women want? And - do they have to stay in fantasy? There’s a lot of yearning, for what women don’t have, or feel afraid to ask for."

Asked if editing the book has felt like a political project, Gillian replied: "You know, everything is politics, particularly when you steer into the subject of women."

Gillian has actually been surprised by her experience with the book, having previously assumed that she was "fixed".

The actress explained: "It feels like a valid and intriguing, sometimes exciting, creative journey to be on.

"I didn’t expect it to be. I’ve been in therapy for a good portion of my life. And so I thought all of the questions had been asked, or that I was fixed. But this is a different way of looking at things. And, I guess, I’m along for the ride."

Meanwhile, Gillian has developed a reputation for plain speaking during the course of her career. However, the actress admits that she has overstepped the mark at times.

She said: "I’ll get into trouble from time to time."