Girls Aloud recall early days of partying all night: 'We'd go from the club into the makeup chair!'

Girls Aloud used to perform straight after clubbing all night.

The pop group - which comprises Cheryl, Nadine Coyle, Kimberley Walsh and Nicola Roberts, and also featured the late Sarah Harding until her death in 2021 - shot to fame in 2002 with their hit single 'Sound of the Underground' but ahead of their reunion tour in May and June, the girls recalled that they would often be out partying before going straight to work.

Kimberley told Cosmopolitan: "Well, sometimes we came straight from the nightclub to the makeup chair and just fell asleep in there. That happened a fair few times I can’t lie!"

Nicola also recalled a time in the very early days of the band when she and former 'X Factor' judge Cheryl got into bed just moments before their call for hair and makeup came and they had no choice but to immediately get ready to perform for thousands.

She said: "It was really early on, maybe like three months in? And me and Cheryl got in from the club, got into bed, and then the buzzer went and it was hair and makeup. We had to go straight through, performing in front of 100,000 people... from the club."

Kimberley also noted that there was a time when they realised they just "couldn't do" the early morning calls for makeup anymore when they were scheduled to appear on breakfast television and very briefly decided to just get themselves ready for appearances.

She said: "The five o’clock call times were an issue... put it that way. It got to the point where we were so tired that we were like; ‘We can't do this three or four hours in makeup anymore, we'll do our own’. Then I’d watched ‘Smile’ or whatever it was back, and we were like; ‘Never again, no no no, we’ll get up at three!’ We were so shiny and orange."