GOP Strategist Flips Chris Christie's Donald Trump Vow Back At Him

GOP strategist Mike Murphy predicted former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) will be “the popcorn candidate” if he decides to run for president against his onetime pal Donald Trump in 2024.

“He’s lighting a stick of dynamite and running right at Donald Trump. This is going to be entertaining,” Murphy said of Christie to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner on Friday in a video shared online by Mediaite.

“Voters don’t necessarily dig the guy,” Murphy said of Christie, who has indicated he’ll decide whether to run later this month.

“But catalytically, to affect the process, he can be very powerful,” added the strategist, a former adviser to Sen. Mitt Romney (Utah) and the late Sen. John McCain (Ariz.).

Wagner pointed out Christie’s claim that he’s not “a paid assassin” whose role is to attack GOP front-runner Trump while the other Republican contenders stand back to avoid offending Trump’s base.

“I agree, he’s not a paid assassin,” Murphy responded.

Then came the zinger: “He’ll do it for free and for fun.”

Wagner chuckled at the comment.

Christie endorsed Trump after quitting his own campaign in 2016, but has since become a fierce critic of the former president.