Grace Jabbari describes ‘whirlwind’ romance with Jonathan Majors as she details alleged assault

Grace Jabbari describes ‘whirlwind’ romance with Jonathan Majors as she details alleged assault

Grace Jabbari, the woman who claimed the actor Jonathan Majors assaulted her in March, recalled a litany of alleged allegations against the Marvel star while taking the stand in his misdemeanour assault trial on Tuesday.

The actor, 34, is facing up to a year in jail if convicted for the 25 March 2023 incident, during which Ms Jabbari, 30, a professional dancer, said her then-boyfriend slapped her, threw her into their car, twisted her arm and grabbed her hand.

The woman said she sustained minor injuries to her head and neck during the altercation, including a cut to her ear. She received treatment at a hospital.

Mr Majors has pleaded not guilty to assault charges. His rumoured current girlfriend, actress Meagan Good, has been supporting him at trial.

After entering the courtroom through a side door around noon to avoid news cameras, Ms Jabbari introduced herself to the jury by saying, “I am Grace Jabbari, nice to meet you. I’m a professional dancer.”

She donned a matching set of plaid pants and a jacket. At one point, she smiled at her family in the front row as she was sworn in.

She then underwent questioning from Manhattan District Attorney Kelli Galaway, according to ABC News.

While providing testimony, Ms Jabbari described her relationship with Mr Majors as a “whirlwind” romance. He told her he loved her early on and wrote her little poems, according to a reporter from Vulture who was inside the courtroom.

The two met on the set of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania in Pinewood, United Kingdom in September of 2021, she said. The woman explained how Mr Majors saw her and asked what she was doing there.

She responded by telling him she’s a dancer and was on set working on movement.

The actor’s hairstylist later gave Ms Jabbari his number and the couple went on their first date.

“We spent every day together, maybe minus a few, within the next few months,” Ms Jabbari reportedly told the courtroom. “I felt very loved and cared for.”

Things started to sour in December, Ms Jabbari said, when she went to visit the actor in Atlanta, Georgia.

Upon arrival, the dancer said Mr Majors gave her instructions on how to interact with his dogs. She responded by saying that her only prior interaction with a dog was with her ex-boyfriend.

Mr Majors allegedly got angry at the remark, according to Vulture.

“He got angry at me…how dare I mention him, how dare I talk about his dog...talking about the physical appearance of my ex...”, she said during testimony, according to the outlet.

He then allegedly started “talking about how it’s embarrassing for him that I dated him,” Ms Jabbari said, adding that Mr Majors described her ex’s dog as “pathetic” in a raised voice.

After the argument, she said she knew not to mention her ex again.

The woman was seen choking up while on the stand, at times dabbing her eyes with a tissue. She discussed more instances of alleged abuse, including an incident where Mr Majors got angry at her while she was at Glastonbury music festival because she had poor cell reception.

During another argument, she said the actor threw things.

In one instance in September of 2022, the woman said Mr Majors ripped her headphones out because he got mad she brought a female friend to their home after going to the pub.

She left the residence following the incident, but returned when the actor sent her text messages declaring his love to her, adding that he wanted to marry her.

Still, he allegedly urged her not to tell anyone about his intentions, claiming that revealing the information would ruin his plans for them.

When Ms Jabbari returned to the apartment, she said Mr Majors got angry with her again. She recorded the altercation and played the audio for the jury on Tuesday.

Separately, the woman told the courtroom that Mr Majors threatened suicide on more than one occasion.

She said she put his emotional needs first, which made her draw further into the relationship. As a result, she said she pulled away from her family and friends.