Grandparents hilariously stumped by daughter’s pregnancy announcement

A mother has captured the hilarious moment her parents completely misunderstood her pregnancy announcement.

In a video posted to Instagram earlier this month, Vancouver-based mother Lee Buona filmed the moment her 19-month-old son Oakland told his grandparents Beverley and Roger that he was going to become a big brother.

“Say: ‘Grandma, Grandpa, what do you think of my new outfit?’” Lee, who was behind the camera, instructed her toddler. She dressed Oakland in a long-sleeve shirt with the word “brother” printed across it, but it took her parents quite some time to figure out the message behind Oakland’s shirt.

“Oh, look at that outfit!” Roger, who was seen eating dinner at the table, exclaimed to his grandson. At one point, Buona suggested that Oakland sit on Roger’s lap so he could get a closer look at his shirt. When she asked again what her parents thought of Oakland’s outfit, Beverley replied that he looks “beautiful”.

Buona then panned the camera to her husband Alex, who showed his deadpan reaction to the unsuccessful pregnancy announcement. Alex shook his head and rolled his eyes, before joking that Buona should make sure she has enough storage on her phone to keep filming until her parents got the message.

Her husband took matters into his own hands when he picked up Oakland from his grandpa’s lap, holding the toddler up so his grandparents could clearly read his shirt. “Maybe you should take a look at his sweater,” Alex recommended. “See what the sweater says?”

“What does it say?” Beverley replied. “I can’t read, it’s all folded over!”

The father then sat Oakland on the table across from his grandparents, who were able to read the message on shirt. “Really!?” Beverley said in response to the pregnancy announcement. “Oh my God! Congratulations!”

Although Buona’s parents finally learned that she was expecting another baby, it seemed that there was still some confusion over Oakland’s “brother” shirt. “He goes, ‘But do you know it’s a brother?’” she recounted, with her hand in her head. “No, he’s the brother!”

“POV: Your parents don’t get your pregnancy announcement,” the soon-to-be mother of two wrote over the Instagram video. In her caption, Buona added that it took her parents “four minutes” before figuring out the message on Oakland’s shirt.

In the comments section, several viewers admitted that their relatives had similar misunderstandings when it comes to pregnancy announcements.

“I literally got a cake that said ‘I’m pregnant’ and my dad didn’t get it,” one person commented under Buona’s post.

“The same thing happened to my husband and I,” another user shared. “Our grandson ran around our living room for a full hour before I noticed his ‘I’m going to be a big brother’ shirt.”

One person admitted that their parents thought they were getting another cat, while someone else revealed: “To be fair, I totally missed my nephew’s shirt for HOURS even when they pointed it out.

“Worst part is, I’ve used a shirt as an announcement before, too.”

Speaking to The Independent, Buona admitted that this wasn’t the first time she’s pulled off an elaborate pregnancy announcement. When she learned she was pregnant with her son Oakland, the lawyer revealed the news to her husband by eating a piece of bacon after being vegetarian for more than 20 years. “Prior to my pregnancy with Oakland, I had been a vegetarian for 21 years and we had talked about how I planned to eat meat when I got pregnant,” Buona explained. “So, I figured this would be a fun way to tell him.”

For her most recent pregnancy announcement, Buona and her husband discovered they were expecting their second child in late August and decided to tell her parents during Canadian Thanksgiving in early October. But when she realised her parents were unable to read the message on Oakland’s shirt, Buona began to think to herself: “What do I do now!?"

“I was panicking thinking of what to say or do to make them see the shirt without having to straight up tell them,” she said. Nevertheless, the soon-to-be mother of two was pleasantly surprised by how many people in her comments section related to the pregnancy announcement flub.

“I had no idea so many people would relate to the experience, and I am thrilled they did,” she said. “Alex and I have spent hours now just reading through the comments laughing our heads off at other people’s hilarious pregnancy-announcement-gone-wrong stories.”

Now, Buona simply hopes that her parents’ amusing reaction brings “a little extra smile to someone’s day,” and that her video reminds others not to take themselves too seriously.

“The best laid plans can inevitably go awry and what matters more than the ‘plan’ is the experience you have with your loved ones,” she added.