Michael Jackson as Star-Lord and Other Awesome 'Guardians of the Galaxy' Movie-Poster Mashups

Guardians of the Galaxy was not only the biggest box office hit of the year, it was also the biggest breeding ground for amazing (and often incredibly goofy) fan art.

It’d be impossible to sift through it all, but intense research [note: not procrastination] this week has unearthed one of the cooler sub-genres of the seemingly infinite number of homemade tributes to Star-Lord & Co.: the movie-poster mashup.

These incredible pieces span cinema history, and include an ’80s version of Guardians that stars Michael Jackson (in a Captain EO shoutout!) and what we hope will be the first spinoff from James Gunn’s film: The Grootfather.



Matt Ferguson

Brendan Tobin

Empire Magazine/mully24cpm

MTV Proto

Marco D’Alfonso