Gunman shoots at Louisville, Ky., mayor candidate from point-blank range

A Democratic mayoral candidate in Kentucky’s largest city said he is “shaken but safe” after a man stormed his campaign headquarters Monday morning and fired a weapon point-blank at him.

Video transcript

CRAIG GREENBERG: This morning, I was gathered for a brief meeting with my campaign team-- four of my incredible teammates-- in our campaign office. A man walked into our office. When we greeted him, he pulled out a gun, aimed directly at me, and began shooting. The individual closest to the door managed to bravely get the door shut. We barricaded the door. And the suspect fled.


I'm shaken up. It was a surreal experience. And mostly right now, I just want to get home to my wife and sons and give them a hug. I haven't been able to see them all day. I've been with LMPD all day. My team and I have been cooperating with them and working with them. And that's what I want most, is just to get home to my family.

Uh, you know, the gunman came to the-- stood in the doorway as he fired the shots. And one of my teammates was standing to the side of the door and was able to get the door slammed. And then he and other teammates that were closer to the door just threw tables and desks to barricade us in.

Despite one bullet coming so close that it grazed my sweater and my shirt, no one was physically harmed. And we're extraordinarily grateful for our safety.