Hades II Is Sliding Into Early Access Sooner Than You Think

Hades II protagonist Melinoë looks up at someone offering their hand to her.
Hades II protagonist Melinoë looks up at someone offering their hand to her.

Out of the blue, acclaimed indie developer Supergiant Games announced that its Greek mythology-themed roguelike sequel Hades II will make its early access debut in “Q2 2024,” meaning it’ll arrive sometime between April and June next year.

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The studio also talked about how “vitally important” Early Access was for Hades, and how the same development cadence will ensure Hades II gets to the finish line. The development timeframe will allow the studio to hit that “sweet spot” in which, thanks to player feedback via Early Access, the game will be far enough long to iron out issues but not finalized to where it’d be impossible to address the criticisms Supergiant Games might receive. In particular, “several major updates” will hit the game throughout its Early Access period that’ll expand the story, introduce new characters, and deepen their relationships. It’ll all end with Hades II’s official launch, though that’s definitely a long way off.

“We don’t yet know exactly how long it will take us to get to v1.0 of Hades II, as our experience developing in Early Access has taught us (among many things) to expect the unexpected,” Supergiant Games wrote. “For now, our focus is to keep building core content—environments, characters, weapons, Boons, story events, music, and more—as we gear up for our Technical Test and Early Access launch in Q2 this coming year. Thank you again for your patience and support as we work to ensure our first sequel meets our standards, and hopefully yours, too!”

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So yeah, it might be a long while before non-PC gamers get the chance to play Hades II, but hey, at least we all finally have an idea of when it’s coming, right?

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