Hairy Biker Si King sends heartfelt message to 20,000 bikers who gathered for Dave Myers memorial

The Hairy Bikers star Si King has sent a heartfelt message to the 20,000 people who gathered for a memorial day for his late friend and TV co-star Dave Myers.

Members of the biking community descended on Burrow-in-Furness, the home town of Myers, for a remembrance day dubbed “Dave Day” on Saturday (8 June).

The TV chef died in February aged 66, two years after he told fans he had been diagnosed with an undisclosed form of cancer. Myers found fame alongside his best friend and work partner King as the pair became known for travelling the world on their motorbikes and trying out foods from different regions on their TV show, The Hairy Bikers.

The pair have a passionate community of bikers and appreciators, with some taking part in “Dave Day”, a mammoth bike ride from London to the English town to remember the late TV chef.

Following the impressive turnout, Si King thanked those who came to the event for a “wonderful affirmation of friendship and camaraderie”.

“Hi everyone, I’ve just got home. I sincerely hope everyone got home and is safe and sound,” he said in the video. “Again, a massive thank you – what an expression of love and affection we have for each other. Every single person that turned out, thank you. I’m lost for words, thank you.”

“What a community we have in the motorcycle world. And for everybody else that joined in, thank you, love you loads.”

At the event itself, King addressed the crowd and said his friend would have been “proud”.

“We’ve all been in tears, not one dry eye,” he added.

Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers (PA Wire)
Hairy Bikers Si King and Dave Myers (PA Wire)

Myers’s widow, Lili, said at the event: “Dave was always a Barrovian in his heart. He loved Barrow and he wanted to put Barrow on the map. And today, beyond his grave, he’s done it again.”

Bikers ride from from London to Myers’ hometown, Barrow-in-Furness (PA)
Bikers ride from from London to Myers’ hometown, Barrow-in-Furness (PA)

Wendy Gunning, the owner of a local wool shop, crocheted pies in honour of the chef to sell for charity, which were in high demand among the bikers.

“Dave was a customer for years and I knew his family. He always supported local businesses,” she told the BBC. “His favourite food was Green’s Pies so I decided to crochet pies while my husband Stephen, a biker, joined the ride at Burton-in-Kendal.”

Bikers celebrate ‘Dave Day’ (PA)
Bikers celebrate ‘Dave Day’ (PA)

Gunning said she sold more than 100 items, raising more than £500 for charity.

“All the profit goes to his charities. He was such a nice guy and I wanted to get involved in Dave Day,” the artisan added.

“It has been fantastic how many people have come together to commemorate Dave Myers.”