Harry Hamlin thinks a 'roll in the hay' is the key to the success of his marriage to Lisa Rinna

Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna have been married for 25 years credit:Bang Showbiz
Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna have been married for 25 years credit:Bang Showbiz

Harry Hamlin thinks "respect" is the key to his 25-year marriage.

The 72-year-old actor has been married to 'Real Housewives' star Lisa Rinna , 60, since 1997 and explained that communication as well as being physically intimate has made sure they are still wedded to this day.

He told US TV show Extra: "I think we listen to each other, we respect each other, we support each other. Not a bad roll in the hay, also — that helps!"

Meanwhile, the 'Clash of the Titans' star - who has Delilah Belle, 25, and Amelia Gray, with Lisa as well as son Dimitri, 44, with his ex-wife Ursula Andress - has launched the new cooking show 'In the Kitchen with Harry Hamlin' and explained that he often takes on the main kitchen duties in his house.

He said: "I cook every day in my house… mainly because I like what I like and I want to eat what I like, and if somebody else is cooking, it’s not going to be what I like. So it’s very selfish of me to cook for myself and for the family."

Harry recently insisted that time hasn't had an impact on their action in the bedroom and he doesn't need any help in that department.

In an interview for Interview magazine, Andy Cohen praised his pal for thanking his wife "for all the great sex" at the end of his 2010 memoir 'Full Frontal Nudity: The Making of An Accidental Actor' and asked if things were still the same now.

Harry exclaimed: "Of course it is, Andy! We’re still married."

The 'Watch What Happens Live' host then noted many other couples who have been married "for 10-plus years, 15-plus years, 20-plus years can’t say that the sex is still great" and asked what was different for Harry and Lisa.

He replied: "I’m sorry about that. A lack of ED [erectile dysfunction], perhaps? I don’t have that condition."