Harry Hill's friends 'trust him less' with medical advice now he has been on TV for so long

Harry Hill used to be a medical doctor before making it big as a comedian credit:Bang Showbiz
Harry Hill used to be a medical doctor before making it big as a comedian credit:Bang Showbiz

Harry Hill's friends now "trust [him]" less for medical advice.

The 59-year-old comedian trained as a neurosurgeon before hitting the big time with shows like 'Harry Hill's TV Burp' but now that he has been in showbiz for more than 30 years, his friends have stopped asking him for medical advice.

He told The Guardian: "They used to [ask me for advice] but the further away I’ve got from it, the less they trust me. I still had my prescription pad until about 10 years ago.

"It used to be that you could pay to be on the register, which I did, but it wasn’t very much. I used to just prescribe antibiotics for sore throats and stuff."

The 'You've Been Framed' star even revealed that one particularly well-known comedian cornered him backstage at a gig asking him to take a look at a potential STD but he had to refuse.

He said: "Then they changed the rules, the spoilsports. One comedian – who I won’t name, but he’s better known than you might think – once tried to show me his genital warts at a urinal in the Edinburgh festival. I had no expertise in that area, so I refused to examine the appendage in question."

Meanwhile, Harry will celebrate his 60th birthday at the beginning of October and explained that while he remembered being wary of his 30th birthday approaching, with each new decade he has got "funnier" as time has gone on.

He said: "I remember at 30 thinking: 'Oh, God, what am I going to do?' At 40, your friends start getting divorced. 50 was ropey because you start getting a bit tired and also your friends start dying.

"The truth is, I’ve been doing it so long, that if you took a scan of my brain, you see a hugely overdeveloped organ with humour squeezing out the self-awareness. As a comedian, I think you get funnier as you get older, particularly with my character who has a childlike quality, so it’s even funnier if you see me rolling around on the floor or lying on an ironing board that collapses."