Harry Jowsey Says He Got 'Skinny Fat' From Eating 'So Many Snacks' on “Dancing with the Stars” Set (Exclusive)

The 'Too Hot to Handle' star made it to the season 32 quarterfinals of the ABC series with pro partner Rylee Arnold, and now he’s joining the live tour as a special guest

<p>Phillip Faraone/Getty</p> Harry Jowsey in 2023

Phillip Faraone/Getty

Harry Jowsey in 2023

Harry Jowsey can’t tame his sweet tooth.

After making it to the quarterfinals on the most recent season of Dancing with the Stars, Jowsey, 26, is joining the live tour as a special guest starting in February. Looking back on his time on the show, he admits that even the constant exercise was no match for his snacking habits.

“I think I got fatter, to be honest,” Jowsey says with a laugh. “I got so skinny fat because on rehearsal days, we just eat. There's so many snacks around. Don't put food in front of me, ever."

He continues to describe his experience with the well-stocked craft services: "I was like, 'Why are there lollies here? Why is there sugar? Why are there muffins?' I don't need it around me because I'll find any excuse to — number one, eat, and number two, not be dancing — so I was just always eating food!"

Now, even as Jowsey gears up for the live tour, his involvement in the franchise still floors him.

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“I'm like, ‘Guys. Can I be in the crowd and watch the show?’ But apparently I have to be in it,” he jokes. “I'm kind of dreading when they ask me to rehearse, but I'm sure it won't be that long, but I'm sure I'll just have to walk out and be like, ‘Hey guys, I'm a tree trunk. Goodbye.’”

<p>Eric McCandless/Disney via Getty Images</p> Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey

Eric McCandless/Disney via Getty Images

Rylee Arnold and Harry Jowsey

In the interim, Jowsey says he’s “trying to get back to real life” by getting back into shape.

“I'm slowly bringing my hot girl walks back,” he quips. “I'm at the gym and back with my coach every day, and he makes me do 10,000 steps a day.”

So, while he’s up for cardio, Jowsey says he's not one for squats or lunges.

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“Have you seen my legs? They look like toothpicks,” he says. “There's no leg day. I tried everything. I want to look like an athlete, so we kind of train like an athlete. But again, it is probably going to take me a while to look like that.”

Contrary to Jowsey’s experience, fellow Dancing with the Stars competitor Alyson Hannigan revealed in an Instagram post that she experienced a 20-lb. weight loss during production. She and her pro partner Sasha Farber made it to the show’s finale.

<p>Andrew Eccles/ABC via Getty; Disney/Eric McCandless</p> Alyson Hannigan before and after joining the 32nd season of DWTS

Andrew Eccles/ABC via Getty; Disney/Eric McCandless

Alyson Hannigan before and after joining the 32nd season of DWTS

With a side-by-side of a pre-season promo pic and a photo from the DWTS finale, Hannigan, 49, wrote, “The before and after says it all. I lost 20 pounds of both weight and emotional baggage during my time on @dancingwiththestars.”

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The Buffy the Vampire Slayer actress also expressed gratitude to Farber, writing, “I can’t thank @sashafarber1 enough for helping me shed my insecurities and getting me to the confident and strong place I am today!”

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