Harvey Weinstein’s Overturned Rape Conviction Actually ‘Helps Trump’s Case’ in New York, Megyn Kelly Says | Video

Megyn Kelly weighed in on Harvey Weinstein’s overturned rape conviction in New York on Thursday, noting with analysis from attorney and podcast guest Harmeet Dhillon that it actually “helps Trump’s case,” which is currently mid-trial.

Kelly began the “Megyn Kelly Show” segment by celebrating Weinstein defense attorney Arthur Aidala’s win on Thursday, explaining that he was a former guest to the program and that “we don’t like Harvey, but that’s a separate matter.”

“We care about due process and we care about rule of law. And what happened is today, Arthur Aidala won,” she said.

Kelly explained that the “the process in trying Harvey was unfair. He was deprived of his due process rights because New York allows everything in against somebody who’s been accused. All your prior bad acts — if he had taken the witness stand, everything he’d ever done, every woman who ever had an accusation, tested or not, would’ve been allowed to take the stand against him. It effectively deprives this person of their right to take the stand.”

The host assured, though, that “Harvey’s going to stay in jail” — then tossed it to Dhillon to explain “how this helps Trump’s case.”

“This is ‘prior bad act’ kind of evidence that has nothing to do with the case under prosecution, and the idea that somebody did something similar in the past and he’s a bad guy because of that, that’s literally a backdoor way to just smear him in violation of due process,” Dhillon said of the Weinstein argument that helped overturn the conviction. “And New York’s highest court has ruled that there is very clear precedent that says that you can’t do that.”

She continued: “I think we can all agree Harvey Weinstein, total scumbag. However, it’s enough to prosecute him for the actual acts that they were able to get him on within the statute of limitations. And if he’s retried, they can still get a prosecution based on his disgusting behavior in the case of trial, as opposed to his disgusting behavior on a number of cases where the statue of limitations had passed, the witnesses’ memories had faded. He’s going to be in jail for a long time on both coasts for his horrible behavior regardless of this, but due process wins in this case.”

That’s when the attorney explained how it could impact Trump’s current hush money criminal trial in New York.

“If this rule were applied in the New York case against President Trump, this David Pecker stuff, which has now ready tainted the jury, is reversible error and requires a retrial without this evidence there,” she said.

She added that a retrial for Trump should additionally require “a different judge” because she found Judge Juan M. Merchan to be “incredibly biased under New York law” and said he “had an obligation to recuse himself.”

“And with that, I will rest my case,” she said.

Watch the full “Megyn Kelly Show” segment in the video above.

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