Hawker dishes that pair surprisingly well with wine

Online wine portal 75CL is on a mission to make wine pairing fun and accessible to Singaporeans — even pairing wine with hawker food


75CL’s mission is simple — to help Singaporeans lighten up about wine and explore wine pairings with familiar local flavours.


It was a dinner unlike any other, with a menu of six hawker dishes, seven wines, and a bunch of hungry foodies gathered at Newton Food Centre.

Organised by 75CL, a newly-launched online wine destination by Magnum Spirits and Wine, this hawker fare and wine pairing dinner was the first of many. The mission is simple — to help Singaporeans lighten up about wine and explore wine pairings with familiar local flavours rather than just Western-style fare.

Here are some of our favourite pairings.


Orh Luak & French Rosé


Orh luak pairs surprisingly well with French rosé.


Orh luak, meet the Whispering Angel. Who would’ve thought that the rich and oily oyster omelette would pair so well with the light and fruity French rosé Chateau D’Esclans Whispering Angel 2014 ($55)?

Interestingly, the acidity in the rosé manages to cut through the omelette’s starchiness and oil, working as a palette cleanser. The wine’s citrus notes also enhance the fresh taste of the oysters.

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Barbecued Stingray & Sparkling Wine


The cava’s fine bubbles successfully doused the flames of the stingray’s spiciness


Charred crispy skin and tender flesh — topped with a fragrant and often fiery sambal chilli sauce — are the hallmarks of a great barbecued stingray. I couldn’t help but wonder if the strong flavours would overwhelm the wine. As it turned out, the trick is to pick a bubbly wine.

The cava, in this case the Parxet Cava Cuvee 21 Brut, Alella, NV ($30), is a wonderful complement. Its fruity aroma and fine bubbles successfully helped to distract one from the stingray dish’s spiciness. In this match, the tamarind flavours were still allowed to shine through.

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Satay & American Zinfandel


The spiced notes of the Zinfandel were an ideal match for the marinated satay.


Many Americans love to pair barbecue food with Zinfandel, seeing that the spiced notes of the wine complements the charred flavour of the meat. Putting this pairing in a local Singaporean context, I found that the velvety-smooth Pedroncellli Winery Zinfandel 2010 ($45), with its oak accents and cherry flavours, suited the marinated satay to a tee.

Now I know that East and West can truly come together in a marriage of flavours.


By Samantha Francis for Weekender Singapore


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