Heat shock Celtics, Ingram's future in NO & the Knicks-Villanova connection | No Cap Room

On this episode of No Cap Room, Yahoo Sports senior NBA reporter Jake Fischer and Yahoo Sports senior NBA writer Dan Devine are back together after a couple of weeks with fill-in co-hosts.

The guys start off the show with the shocking Miami Heat win over the Boston Celtics last night, a game that Dan says is eerily reminiscent of one of Miami’s games against the New York Knicks in last year’s NBA Playoffs.

After the Oklahoma City Thunder dominated the New Orleans Pelicans, Jake says rumors are already starting to fly around the NBA in regard to Brandon Ingram’s future and whether he’s likely to be traded this offseason. He hasn’t played well without Zion Williamson and the two of them haven’t played particularly well together, either.

The Denver Nuggets visit the Los Angeles Lakers tonight, in a series that feels hopeless for LeBron James and Anthony Davis. Jake and Dan dig through the stats, showing off just how good those two guys have been and also how great the Nuggets have been when they’ve matched up against the Lakers.

Jake expected a better playoff performance from the Orlando Magic, who are starting to resemble last year’s Cleveland Cavaliers team (the one that said the playoff lights were too bright for them) while playing against this year’s Cleveland Cavaliers team.

The New York Knicks are traveling to Philadelphia to play the 76ers tonight, which will be something of a homecoming for a bunch of Villanova alumni that the Knicks have built their team around. Jake dug in on what made those Villanova teams great and how all of the players ended up being so close with one another.

Finally, Jake brought some video from his recent league championship game, so Dan watches it and tries to come up with NBA player comps for Jake’s basketball style.

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