Very heavy traffic forecast at Singapore land checkpoints on Chinese New Year long weekend, wait time up to 3 hours

ICA says there are been increased traffic since last weekend, with almost 14 per cent rise in daily average crossings

The Singapore-Johor Causeway (Photo: Yahoo News Singapore)
The Singapore-Johor Causeway (Photo: Yahoo News Singapore)

SINGAPORE — Heavy traffic and slower immigration clearance is once again expected at both Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints leading up to and over the Chinese New Year long weekend.

From next Thursday (8 February) to the following Tuesday (13 February), drivers may have to wait up to three hours to clear immigration, said the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) in an advisory on Friday (2 February). This is due to more travellers heading north to Malaysia for the long weekend, and the authority has advised drivers to factor in additional waiting time.

More travellers using checkpoints over long weekends

ICA has observed traffic picking up, with a trend of more travellers using the land checkpoints over the long weekends in January. "From 26 to 28 January, there was continuous heavy traffic at the land checkpoints, with more than 1.37 million crossings (close to 458,000 crossings daily)," it said.

This was an almost 14 per cent increase in daily average crossings, as compared to the New Year long weekend at the start of the year, which saw 402,000 daily crossings.

Pointers for a smoother journey

ICA has advised motorists to:

  1. Check the traffic situation through LTA’s One Motoring website or via the Expressway Monitoring & Advisory System (EMAS) along the BKE and AYE. Traffic updates can also be found through ICA’s Facebook and X accounts, as well as local radio stations like One 91.3, Kiss92, Hao 96.3 and UFM 100.3.

  2. Ensure their vehicle’s Vehicle Entry Permit (VEP) is valid. VEP applications are no longer accepted at checkpoints. Drivers of foreign vehicles who are unable to present valid Autopass cards, together with LTA’s VEP approval email and valid insurance, will be turned back from Singapore. For more details on VEP application, travellers can visit this link on LTA's website.

  3. Refrain from queue cutting as it can cause severe congestion and compromise safety. Errant motorists caught queue cutting will be turned away and made to re-queue.

  4. Ensure their passport remains valid for at least six months. Singapore permanent residents who have renewed their passport will have to transfer their Re-Entry Permit to the new passport. Long-Term Pass holders will need to notify ICA or the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of any change in their passport particulars before entry into Singapore.

  5. Observe the “three-quarter tank” rule for departing travellers driving Singapore-registered cars. Offenders may be issued a fine of up to $500 or be prosecuted in court. They will be turned back at the checkpoints, and not allowed to enter Malaysia.

Prohibited items

Travellers are also reminded against bringing the following prohibited items: firecrackers, “Pop-Pop” mini-firecrackers, weapons, imitation tobacco products (electronic cigarettes, vaporisers), or controlled items such as "bak kwa" and potted plants.

Travellers bringing in dutiable or controlled items must declare them prior to being checked by ICA officers. Members of the public may visit ICA's website for the full list of prohibited, controlled and dutiable items.

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