How to help Hurricane Beryl victims

A home in Surfside Beach, Texas, was destroyed by Hurricane Beryl on July 8. - Mark Felix/AFP/Getty Images

Hurricane Beryl, a deadly early-season storm super-charged by abnormally warm ocean temperatures, hammered several Caribbean islands before hitting Texas.

Grenada’s Carriacou island was “flattened” when Beryl made landfall as a Category 4 hurricane. It was also the strongest storm to impact Jamaica in more than 15 years.

Beryl hit Texas as a Category 1 hurricane but the destruction it caused could take weeks to repair.

The storm left millions of people without power in the summer heat. Floods washed out roads and high winds flung trees into houses and cars. Authorities fear more floods and tornadoes as Beryl heads towards the Midwest.

Several charities are actively distributing aid. If you’d like to help victims, click here or use the form below.

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