Hidea and Hangame Korea launch mobile game Undead Slayer in Southeast Asia

South Korean game developer Hidea and publisher Hangame Korea is launching their latest mobile title, Undead Slayer, in the Southeast Asia region today.

The action-packed role playing game is a mix of action game and RPG, and is set in the popular Chinese classic genre, Romance of Three Kingdoms. The game features epic battle scenes and “vividly wild action,” which players will find easy to articulate even without the usual digital-pad that action gamers might be accustomed to.

The game uses double-tap attacking for controls, making it easy to articulate on-screen characters without the need for a virtual D-pad — excellent for use on both small screens like on the iPhone and Android smartphones, as well as bigger devices like the iPad, Nexus 7 and other tablets.

The game is a free download from both the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store, and it comprises 90 levels of varying difficulty. “We at NHN Singapore are certain that Undead Slayer’s sophisticated and unparalleled graphics and its easy to manipulate controls will excite all smartphone-owning gaming enthusiasts in South East Asia and get fully immersed in the exciting battle against the undead,” says Eric Lee, managing director at NHN Singapore.

Undead Slayer 01
Undead Slayer 01

Undead Slayer was actually developed by Hidea, a one-man development startup run by Dong-kyu Kim from South Korea. Publisher Hangame is a subsidiary of NHN, which also runs Naver. The company is notable for its LINE instant messaging application, which recently reached 100 million users , mostly from Japan. NHN has launched 15 smartphone games in the region, so far, and aims to become a top mobile game publisher with various upcoming titles.

Undead Slayer can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store for iOS devices of from the Google Play Store for Android. Check out the gameplay demo video below.

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