HKT48's Debuts

HKT48's Debuts

25 Oct – The first members of HKT48 were finally revealed at AKB48's handshake event for "Flying Get" at Seibu Dome on 23 October 2011, according to tokyohive.

HKT48 is a new Fukuoka-based Japanese idol group, meant to be the sister group of AKB48. The group takes its name after the Hakata-ku, Fukuoka ward of Fukuoka Prefecture, where Yasushi Akimoto, producer of AKB48, originally intended to base the group at.

Of all the AKB48-related groups, HKT48 are the youngest, as they have an average age of 13.8. Currently, only 21 first-generation members are named.

HKT48 made a surprise appearance at the beginning of AKB48's event, where they introduced themselves one-by-one and performed "Skirt, Hirari" in front of 15,000 fans. 15-year-old Kodama Haruka greeted the fans as HKT48's representative.

"Please watch over HKT48's activities from here on."

Not all the members of AKB48 are present at this event. Those who showed up performed "Flying Get", "Aitakatta", "Everyday, Kachuusha", and "Dareka no Tame ni - What can I do for someone?-"for the enthusiastic crowd.

Additionally, AKB48's Team 4 made a surprise appearance during the event to sing "Mirai no Kajitsu", "Viva! Hurricane", and "BINGO!".