Hold on, Are 'Married At First Sight Australia's' Andrea and Timothy Now Dating?

Hold on, Are 'Married At First Sight Australia's' Andrea and Timothy Now Dating?

In Married At First Sight Australia news we most definitely weren't expecting today, it appears we may have another couple swap on our hands, as season 11 cast members Timothy and Andrea are reportedly said to be dating.

Earlier this week in a video shared by an online MAFS gossip page, Timothy, 51, and Andrea, 51, were spotted hanging out together watching the final vow ceremonies, along with Andrea's daughter.

In the video Andrea said, "We’re watching Jack and Tori’s final vows, Indi and I." She then panned the camera around to Timothy who was lying on the sofa asleep and added, "With Timmy. And, he’s so into it he’s fallen asleep. He’s that bored."

andrea and timothy
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The video sparked speculation the pair were now dating, and an image also circulated of fellow groom Jonathan, aka Jono, hanging out with Andrea and Timothy at a bar in Melbourne.

So are Andrea and Timothy actually dating? Well, it appears the two are most likely just friends, with a source telling So Dramatic! Andrea and her daughter were staying with Timothy while Andrea explored Melbourne as a potential place to move to.

"He was showing them around. Timothy slept on his couch, and Andrea and her daughter slept in his bed," the source explained.

While in Melbourne Andrea also met up with fellow cast members Michael and Natalie too.

Both Andrea and Timothy left Married At First Sight Australia before the final vow ceremonies, after splitting up with their respective partners.

Andrea and husband Richard got on intensely well at the start of the experiment, however their relationship fizzled out, after Richard shared some explicit comments about their sex life at one of the commitment ceremonies, which left Andrea feeling disrespected. Following this the couple continuously argued and eventually decided to leave the experiment.

Timothy was matched with free spirited Lucinda, and throughout their many weeks in the experiment and challenges they faced the couple appeared to mainly just be on a friendship level, with Timothy not wanting to be intimate with Lucinda. The couple ended up leaving just before the final vows.

Married At First Sight Australia is available on E4 now

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