Hollyoaks airs bombshell discovery over Rafe's death

Hollyoaks spoilers follow from Friday's episode on Channel 4 streaming, which doesn't air on E4 until Monday.

Hollyoaks has aired a bombshell revelation over Rafe Harcourt's death.

Earlier this month, a distressed Dilly Harcourt confessed to half-sister Sienna Blake that she'd accidentally killed her husband Rafe to stop the Earl of Dee from revealing their sinister plot.

The couple had posed as siblings initially to get revenge on Sienna on behalf of Dilly's late father Patrick Blake, but Rafe had changed his mind because he'd actually fallen in love with their target.

In Friday's first-look episode, Dilly was still seeing visions of her evil father after breaking into Hollyoaks High (where he used to work).

"I'm here to tell you I love you, and that I'm sorry. You know you've always been the favourite of all my girls, Dilly," the ghostly Patrick told her.

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Sienna and Maxine Minniver were desperate for news from DS Zoe Anderson on the search for Dilly, yet the detective had an even more shocking bombshell for them.

Zoe confirmed that Rafe had died from natural causes due to his brain tumour, rather than Dilly attacking him.

"If that's true, why would Dilly run? Why would she keep his body in the basement for weeks?" Sienna pointed out.

Zoe insisted: "The autopsy was conclusive. The cause of death was his brain tumour."

Meanwhile, Dilly was still receiving sinister instructions from the hallucination of her father, as he ordered her to call Sienna down to the school.

Sienna rushed to Hollyoaks High, only to be followed by Maxine. The pair decided to split up once they'd got to the school because they thought it'd be best to cover more ground.

When Sienna finally found her sister, she quickly realised Dilly was in a concerning state due to the head injury she'd suffered.

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Dilly was torn between the visions of Patrick ordering her to take revenge and Sienna trying to reason with her by assuring her she hadn't killed Rafe.

Eventually, Dilly gave in to the hallucinations and threatened Sienna with a broken trophy. Maxine arrived just in time to try to sway Dilly against another violent act.

Sienna explained to Dilly the ways Patrick had abused them both, and Maxine, before encouraging her sister to reject Patrick's influence once and for all.

"Don't choose him, choose me," Sienna asked.

The vision of Patrick shouted out at Sienna: "I should have left you to rot in that basement."

This time, Dilly rejected Patrick and told Sienna she wished they could have been sisters all this time. As she fell unconscious due to her head injury, Sienna cried out for Maxine to help.

Can Sienna and Maxine save Dilly?

emma johnsey smith as dilly and anna passey as sienna in hollyoaks
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Selected omnibus episodes are available via Prime Video.

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