Hollyoaks confirms pregnancy story for Yazz Cunningham

Hollyoaks spoilers follow.

Hollyoaks has confirmed a new pregnancy storyline for Yazz Cunningham.

In upcoming scenes, Yazz is asked to give a talk at the school's career day, but she's upset to learn that Hunter wants her to give a talk on being a receptionist rather than a journalist.

Back at home, Tom tries to cheer up his wife, unaware that she's holding a positive pregnancy test. However, after Tom reveals that he has a surprise for Yazz, she hides the pregnancy test in the kitchen and heads to the park with him, where he has set up a romantic picnic.

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Tom encourages Yazz to pursue her dreams, before admitting that he sent one of her old articles to the University of Manchester for a postgraduate course. Not only that, but they want to set up a video call with her to discuss her future.

But the moment is ruined when an exhausted Darren crashes the picnic and complains about how tiring parenting can be, further worrying Yazz. Back at home, after cancelling her meeting with the university, Yazz blurts out to Tom that she's pregnant.

She tells him she's worried that her being on immunosuppressants will affect the baby, though Tom eventually calms her down and says he'll support her whatever she decides to do. However, Yazz is still unsure about what to do after some research, and a concerned Tom asks if she's just looking for an excuse not to go through with it.

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Later on, Cindy turns up at the house and asks Yazz and Tom if she can move in with Hilton, but Yazz refuses, saying they have enough on their hands with Tom's daughter Steph.

Tom feels hurt that his wife made his child sound like a burden and questions if she even wants to expand their family.

Before Tom leaves to take some time for himself and think everything through, Zain walks in and overhears Yazz as she shares her worries with Tom. Zain comforts his stepdaughter and tells her to do what's right for her, before reminding her that she's already a family with Tom and Steph.

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